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Close to the Finish Line!!

I been sick as a dog and I am not sure with what.  I have these dreadful headaches and nothing is making them go away.  And I am sooooo tired all the time.  All these days I had off and I just been lounging around supervising the workers.  I tried working from home a couple of days but I can’t sit at a computer for 7 hours at a time anymore.  I need to rest my eyes. I have pitched in to work in the house A LITTLE but I should be finished with my projects AND have all my non renovated rooms walls painted by now.  But I just don’t have the energy. Hardly anything I was supposed to do is done and the workers are nearly done!!

I thought I was in the clear with the expenses  for materials and I THOUGHT I  would be  way under budget in that department but the reality is that the last things eat the money up real fast.  I saw money flying out of here left and right like it was water flowing out a faucet.  And we are still not finished.

And can someone tell me what I was thinking doing this renovation in the winter, just because we had a few “nice” days?  Its still winter crazy woman!!  My one consolation is that if this was the summer a snake might have slithered their way in here.  Ewwwl that would have been bad.  The cops are already sick of me calling about suspicious noises in the yard.

Last night my house was so cold it was ridiculous.  I locked myself in the bedroom under piles of covers.  I had to turn the heat down because even on 65 degrees the air was blowing non-stop.  All I could hear was cash  blowing through the air registers.  I did not have them insulate the ceiling in the porch/dining room at first and he kept asking me ARE YOU SURE? I was like yeah I will just have them blow some in later.  That was when it was a 70 degree day.  After last night I made them cut a hole in the unfinished Sheetrock and add the insulation.  More money.  And my God the cost of insulation?  They get you coming (insulation) and going (light/gas bills)  But right now I feel the difference so I know I made the right choice.  That was another what was I thinking moment.   I surely knew better than that!  Money gave me temporary insanity.

Other Insulation:  I used some spray foam  where the logs were (before they finished it off  with loose insulation) but there was just too much space in there.  That spray foam  is great for HUGE gaps but it is so messy.  If any gets on your hands forget about being able to wash it off.  Goo gone does not work, exfoliating soap does not work, coconut oil goes not work, dawn dish liquid does not work and scrubbing them till you have alligator skin does not work.  You just have to bear with your hands making you look like you are nasty and don’t bathe.  Until it decides to wear off.

I did not want to use the spray foam around the doors and chance pissing off the contractor after he took so much care to make sure it was square, so I used Poly foam caulk saver there.


I purchased all the different sizes and used it around the door and windows.  All you do is stuff it in the cracks.  I am not sure if you are supposed to caulk over it or not but I do.


The closet.  Yes that is logs in the bedroom side of the wall.  I was contemplating exposing them but I don’t want to open that wall and open yet another can of worms.  I found enough of them for one renovation.

The dining room/sun room/porch

It’s coming along!  They are predicting a blizzard tonight.  It was supposed to start at 6:30 but here it is 8 something and no snow so far. YES!!

Do you think Lady Luck will shine on me and I will beat the snow?  I sure hope so!!

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