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The back story:  A year ago I did a posting  asking people who had products to contact me so I could post links to their pages.  No one responded.  The real reason I did this was because I came across some stencils in my reader and when I wanted to order them I could not find this person’s blog again.  I never heard from them, I never seen them in my reader again and I could not for the life of me remember anything to be able to find her again.  And trust me I searched and searched.  I had a dresser I wanted to stencil and it has been sitting unfinished waiting for me to find her stencils or similar stencils, similarly priced again.

The good news:  Last night I was in my reader looking for stuff to read and I remembered I had a section set up to search for articles by tags.


I had not read blogs this way in a while but there was not much new on the blogs I follow and I was looking for some ideas on a project I am working on. I found an article on  stenciling pillows.  I wrote a comment asking where she found the stencils and she told me she makes them.  For some reason her blog is here and her store is here   Last night I did not see a link to the store nor did I remember it was her at first but I got a response back that she produced them and she gave me a link to her  product page,  That’s when it clicked   SHE WAS THE ONE.

Her stencils are VERY reasonably priced stencils.  When I say very reasonably priced I mean $15 reasonable, which anyone who has priced stencils knows if you are looking for anything beyond Michael’s and Martha Stewart this is very reasonable.  BTW she does not know anything about me writing this post and I expect to make no gain from her by posting this.  I just want to be able to find her again so when I am ready to order I can stencil some furniture  … Now all I have to do is search my blog.  hee hee hee.  Slick huh?

Here is a sampling of her products she made with her stencils, and her blog shows you how to do the same…click the photo for the links to the instruction for each project…

Of course now the problem is which to order.  They are all so beautiful it is hard to decide. I have a dresser unfinished that I was waiting to find the right stencils for and now I have a table that I found for $15 that I would love to stencil as well. And a door.  And possibly a floor.  And still wanting these stencils after a year proves it is not an impulse buy!!

I hope you support this artist…and for the record,  I have to say that when an artist sells their products  reasonably I have no problem supporting them.  I have to send a copy of this posting to my aunt.  LOL you won’t understand that statement unless you read my Deal of the Month story.   Yes yes y’all… my stencil game will be on pretty soon!!


Have you ever found something on the Internet and forgot to book mark it and could not find it for a long time?  Frustrating right?

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  1. Thanks so much for your blog post and I am sorry that couldn’t find my stencils again (for a while) I have done the same thing myself so many times!

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