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Drywall is Nearly Done (Day 7?)

Today we are having snow and icy rain but they called for a blizzard.  We got about 2″ and around these parts that qualifies as a blizzard so my job is closed down for the day.  You won’t hear me complaining.

I woke up at 5 as usual and pandered around the house a bit, took care of the personal hygene stuff and was sipping my coffee.  I heard tires crunching down the driveway…what??  In this blizzard?   It was the sheet rock guy.  I could not believe he came.  He was a new guy, I only saw him when he came to give the boss an estimate.  He got right to work on the mudding.  It looks very good and I don’t think they will have to do a lot of sanding at all.

Boss came with his son and put him to work but he was not interested in being an apprentice.  You know how kids are these days, if its not pressing the buttons on a Play Station it’s boring and too much work.  Boss said he had to come because no work no pay.  I guess wifey made him bring the kid.

I am ready for this to be done and over with for crying out loud.  They are going to put the trim work up and I think I am going to have to put the floors on hold for a while.  Maybe, not sure.  Whatever he has done by Sunday is all that will be done because I am going to put my house back together and start on some of my other projects.  If I showed you photos of what it looks like in here right now you will not even believe I usually  keep a VERY clean house.  It’s a wreck AND it’s wrecking my nerves!!

At this very moment I just want to cook a good meal.  I ate every pickle in the house, every bit of ice-cream, every pack of oddles o’noodles, all the rice, every bit of popcorn (complete with separate theater butter), every leftover in the fridge, every maraschino cherry, every can of fruit, every nut,and all the sardines and tuna fish. Oh and lets not forget the crackers.  They are all gone too. Right now I am eating the last of the eggs  in an egg omelet.  Not because I am too lazy to cook but because I have been under the weather and…


maybe some of it is laziness.

And lack of food.

Tomorrow I might have to call the boss and ask him to pick something up for me to eat before he comes over AND put it on my tab because I have no cash in the house. He will probably be talking crap about me behind that but what am I supposed to do?  Starve?  First of all I have no food in the house.  Not anymore…I ate it all.  Hell I am even out of paper plates.  Remember I been hemmed up in here for a while now….and secondly, even if I did have some substantial food, who can cook with all this mess?  Not I.

Am I the only one who lives like a starving nomad when their house is under renovation?

PS I want some of those stilts the drywall guy had on.  Here is the photo again


They are so cool!!  I probably would cause an accident around here cause I would wear them as I was going up the driveway to get the mail.  I might even put a mask on and dance up the driveway acting  like I was practicing for carnival.  I wonder what the neighbors would think of that…or how many would copy me.  I am not just saying that because I do have copy cat neighbors.  Contractor told me a bunch of people have stopped by asking him to give them estimates on adding rooms and closing in carports.  I told him to charge them extra (the Joneses fee) and put the fee in  my account…call it a finders fee, my cut, the kickback, whatever you want to call it.  He said he did not understand.  Whatever.

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