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My New Year Resolution…Just One

This year I said I was not going to make New Year resolutions because I never check at the end of the year to see if I kept them.  Since it is snowy I should be working on projects in the house but instead I have been studying my blog, which has brought many questions to my mind.  For instance, what is the purpose of this blog?  Is it a diary, a brag post, a dementia preventor, a learning tool or what?  Honestly i would have to say my original intent was to document everything and put it in a book.  I did that last year and will update every couple of years.  Check.  But I also see my blog as a source of entertainment.

See, I am just a person who ventures out into the unknown and I jump into things without a real plan.  I just wing it and hope for the best.  Those of you who have been following me probably figured that out about me by now.  Those of you who know me say that’s what they admire about me.  The resulting stories can be interesting, and of course, full of mishaps, but luckily I can laugh at myself, and boy do I sometimes have a good laugh on me.

I also love entertaining people by telling stories and watching their reactions but people at work sometimes tell me maybe I should not have shared that story.  Like the time I was looking for my cell phone so I called it from my house phone and while I was on the phone the cell phone (which happened to be right next to me) started ringing.   I looked at the phone and did not recognize my own house number (because I only had it to get the cable bundle deal) so I hung up the house phone to see who was calling me on the cell phone.  LOL.  Yes that really happened.  I won’t even tell you what happened when I saw my house phone number in my call log a week later.

I have more telephone stories than anything.  Want to hear another?  My cousin out in California would call my old house number (not knowing I changed the number) and when it went to voice mail an automated message came on so she would hang up without leaving a message and dial my cell phone.  Well I had turned off the ringer on my house phone because they gave me the number of some woman who owed everyone and their momma money so when my cousin told me she called my house phone I would remind her that my ringer is off and I never use that phone; I only have it for the cable deal and as soon as my obligation is up its getting cut off.  Okay are you still with me here?  She was really dialing my old number and never leaving a message and because my ringer was off I did not know she was calling the old number.

So one day I came home from work to eat lunch and I had just got in my car to go back.  I had missed a call from my cousin a little earlier and just remembered so I called her back..  I was still in the driveway when she answered and the phone conversation went something like this…me in plain, her in bold italics

“Girl someone was in your house today going through your phone and calling back  numbers from your caller ID”

“What? What are you talking about??”

“Some man called me on the phone and said he had been seeing my number in the caller ID so he called it back and wanted to know who I am and what I want.  I asked him who he was and he said it was none of my business, I called the number so I should be telling him who I am.  I told him he had no right going through your caller ID and demanded to speak with you.  He said you weren’t there.  I asked him what right does he have going through your phone and I fussed him out real good and before he could respond I told him I was going to call the cops and I hung up on him.    I tried to call you but you didn’t answer your phone, which worried me even more so I really  was going to send the cops to your house but I couldn’t find your address.  I called V (that’s her sister) to see if she had the address and no one had it so I am googling you for your address right now.  Girl My adreneline is RACING!!!”

“What time was this?”  I was totally confused, my heart is now beating fast, blood pressure a little elevated and my mind was racing trying to figure out who could have had a key to my house and the code to my alarm because it surely did not go off.  Only one person came to mind… that sneaky stalker.  I KNEW HIS ASS WAS CRAZY.

She answered “About 20 minutes ago”.

Wait! I am home now, been here about 35 minutes and no one was in my house but me.

“Are you sure because he called from your number?    I am looking at the caller ID, it is your number, your photo came up and it was definitely 20 minutes ago”

What number?

“Your house number!  I TOLD YOU THAT ALREADY!!!”

Me: trying to stay calm…”What number do you have?”

Come to find out she was dialing the old number.  I called the guy back and explained what happened and apologized to him for my cousin.  He appreciated the call back, told me his side of the story, and what chance would it be that his girlfriend and I share the same name? (Thus the “she’s not home” comment).  He said his adrenaline was high and was glad I called back before he confronted his girlfriend about this mystery woman who could not tell him who she was and wouldn’t leave a message.  Lol…stories like that.  I keep people laughing because I have it can only happen to me stories.

Anyway back to the resolution thing.  (Boy… I really got off track).  I am not even into the original thoughts anymore.

To make a long drawn out story short…my resolution is to finish my projects and post photos of my projects finished and in use.  I guess if one person would say I would love to see how that turned out I would be encouraged to take an after shot.  I mean according to my stats I get 70-100 people on my blog daily but I get crickets on the feedback so I move on to the next project.  My new year resolution is to finish every project and stage it like I see others doing on their pages and then take good after shots of whatever it is… in use and impress you guys…  Oh and maybe have more interesting projects.

Thanks for sticking with this story and sorry for getting so off track.

Oh and back to my original thought that started this whole conversation: if I had to pick a category for my blog I am not sure what it would be.  Do you have a set category for your blog?  Have you made any resolutions in relation to it?

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