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I am Committed but Overwhelmed!!

I been so busy with various projects at work plus working on the  house and going to classes in the day for work and at night for my  personal career plans plus a few other projects I threw in the mix that I just collapse every night. I am tired y’all. I went to bed at 6pm last night and this morning I got up around 8 but decided to take it slow for the day. Over coffee I decided to write a honey do list and decided I won’t start anything new until this list is absolutely finished. I gave myself 30 days although now that night school is over I can probably knock it out in a couple of weeks. My friends say I push myself too hard but
I say I have to go harder to get this crap DONE!!! And then I can relax!! I want my summer free. I am committed to enjoying it and at the top of THAT list is a nice deep dark golden tan gotten on some exotic beach. So work harder I say to myself so I can feel good when I reward myself. It’s no fun sitting on a beach miles away worrying about paint and carpet lol.
So here are my lists.   I already have all the supplies to finish all of it except the mulch. By posting this to my blog I am committing to it:


Here is the trash pile… Yes I realize now it was crazy not to let the contractor clean this up. And if I don’t hurry snakes will move in.   I need the wood though… Hopefully I can justify that decision in the end


The outside list is not too bad. It’s the inside list that I fret over!!


Ooh and I forgot I have about a month’s worth of laundry to do because I made this stupid resolution not to hang anything in my closet without ironing it.  I haven’t had time to iron so I only washed socks and under garments so yeah…I have to do laundry some time this weekend between yard work… And iron it all. Ugggh. I better get me some wine!!

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