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Two Friday’s ago I got up bright and early with a few goals on my mind.  1- to hit about 4 thrift stores and 2- to work on my projects and get a good deal of work done on the three day weekend.

I went to Goodwill and it must have been a full moon because two people almost got in a fight over a stand with three baskets.  There were no carts available and a lady asked the cashier to hold it for her but after she walked away another lady came up to buy it and said she had cash right then.  Lady #1 came rushing back and the shouting match was real.  The manager wound up coming over and putting the stand in the back and no one could buy it.  They were both mad over that.

I was walking about and I accidentally left my phone on a shelf and later passed the same shelf and my phone just so happened to ring at the moment I was passing it.  That was pure fate because I would have never found it otherwise. It had been sitting there at least 15 minutes so I thank the stars for it still being there!!

My haul for that day was great!!
A child’s rocking chair $4.25 with a stamp on the bottom saying Sears Roebuck 1979 and it has a little musical box on it that plays when you rock.


How sweet is that!!  All it needs is some glue and paint.  I plan to fix it up nice for the grands.

3 large candle holders $1.69 each. Painting them silver

a floor photo holder, 4.99.. Leaving as is

a Smithsonian microscope, 1.29

(Found out later it needs a part)

a lampshade, 1.00

a lamp 1.29

six small flower pots .39 each

a pot with lucky bamboo that was so cheap I could not pass it up at 2.29

All for the total of….drum-roll please…. $20!!  I was floored!  I also met a lady in there who told me about this mega yard sale called the 5 mile yardsale.  It is in 2 weeks.  The way she described it made me excited!!!
I told her I am looking for a tall floor clock that chimes and a bunch of table legs.  She told me she has a storage room with some brand new Queen Anne style table legs she got from a guy that worked in a furniture factory in Hickory & she will sell to me cheap.  She also said she has the clock and she gave me her phone number.  She lives right around the corner from me (a country corner).
I also went to TROSA and found a Hamper. A little pricey in comparison but I had to have it. I had been watching it for a while and it was marked down from the original price. I have already redone it and it looks absolutely fabulous but I will post that later. Still catching up!!



I went to Lowes to buy two cans of spray paint, some wood putty and a lock for my screen door.  The total was over $30.  That just seemed so wrong!!  Anyway hopefully I will have some good news with my list getting checked off soon.

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