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Pinterest is Making Me Sick!


Okay so first of all I had to try the “amazing Vinegar and orange peel” cleaning solution.  You put orange peels in a jar, cover with white vinegar and let sit for 14 days then mix 1:2 (vinegar to water) .  They claimed it is an  excellent cleaner and smells amazing.  It cleans good, that is definitely true but smells amazing?  If you like the smell of orangy vinegar go for it.  I added floral cleaner and it smelled better.  I won’t make it again.

But this post is about my next project.  I am making wallpaper with fabric and starch in my new closet.  So do you know where to buy liquid starch?  Uhhhhhh nowhere near me apparently.  And before I start let me preface this story with the back story of not buying a thing lately because  I have been desperately trying to save money for an upcoming vacation.  Okay…now back to the story.  I went to family dollar and they didn’t have it but  I spent $30 in there on other stuff that I need.  Then I went to Compare Foods.  No starch, but spent $2 on soft Peppermints.  WHAT?  They are hard to find!  From there I went to Big Lots, said to myself before I went in there SELF!!  DO NOT SPEND A PENNY IN THIS STORE!!! I get in there and of course there is no starch but I spied my favorite foot scrub for $4!!  That is a deal.  They sell it in higher end stores for $20+.  It exfoliates your skin and hydrates it with some amazing oil.  I had to buy a few.  Self fussed me out and I had to just take it.


I wound up spending $25 in there.  Then I said maybe Walmart has it so I looked my store  up on the net and they said they had the liquid starch in stock so I bee-hived over there.  No starch but they had plants on clearance and dirt not on sale but I needed it to transplant the plants.  Sales people would not look in the back for the starch saying they don’t do stocking, like stocking shelves is below them, and basically told me Tough titty!  Well dang.  $20 later…(whining while paying) the cashier assured me they had it in Dollar Tree… no doubt to get rid of me. Foolish me went there…..annnnnnnnnd  NO LIQUID STARCH!!!    I spent $18 in there.  So $95 later still no bottle of $3 liquid laundry starch.  They said you can use corn starch but it will leave a cloudy film on the fabric.  No thank you.    That was $95 bucks I could have spent on my vacation.  Damn you Pinterest!  They should have mentioned liquid starch  would be so hard to find !!


4 thoughts on “Pinterest is Making Me Sick!

  1. LOL! This sounds just like me. I find a project I want to do then go on a mission to find a supply or ingredient and can’t find it anywhere. I wonder if it’s a conspiracy to get us to spend money in our local economy. 🙂


  2. I can so see myself picking up stuff other than what I went into a store to get in the first place too That orange peel and vinegar cleaning solution? I had seen this done with lemon peels and I have seen it done with orange peels. What did I decide to do? I decided lemons and oranges TOGETHER would be even better. Today was day 14 of the soaking and I was so excited to see how it turned out. While it doesn’t smell bad, it does NOT by any means smell amazing at all. Pinterest lies! 😉 Good luck with your starch


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