Closet / plumbing

Drains are full of …

Here is my current situation…I been smelling septic fumes in the yard and now I am smelling it in my kitchen sink. Not poop but rancid sulfur. I haven’t had my septic system treated and I been here 9 years. The previous owner told me she never had it treated so there is no telling how long this thing has not been treated,drained out, or whatever it is they do to these things and realistically it’s time for it to fail. 😦
Bad timing!! Terrible timing. Horrific timing!!! It’s the worst time ever for this to happen!!
My sink has been stopped up and no amount of plunging or Drano is working. Washing dishes is hell. For some reason taking quick showers and flushing and limited laundry is okay. 
I thought today maybe the trap under the sink is full and that’s where the smell and stop up is coming from. I go under the sink to remove the trap and ugggh it’s wet. Remove the trap. Nothing but water. Put it back and turn on the water as if that would fix the back up.   The sink quickly filled up with water. Then I hear water splashing everywhere. I look and I have not one leak but 4 leaks. Ugggh!!!!
My next course of action? Right now I don’t have the money to pay a plumber. I have my whole summer planned out,  and this was not part of the plan. I want to stick to the plan!! So  side plan one is to get some tape for the leaks and for the septic get some iron oxide and flush a shit load of it down the toilet and let it work for a week. Maybe my tank is root bound. If that doesn’t work I am going to have to come up with plan two.
And did I tell you I hear something in my roof scratching right over my bed? And it is franticly scratching. Not a man desperately scratching to get in my bedroom but a freaking rat!! 
And my closet is still unfinished. I started something I am not sure I have the skills to finish so I have abandoned the project for now.

If I wasn’t loving my new room I would be thinking about selling again.

I still need to be rescued, or win the lottery, or have an unknown inheritance pop up!!  They say miracles can happen… I’ll let you know.

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