So I decided to sell…

I did all this work to my house and now my city is booming. It is time to hit the road Jack. I decided to take advantage of the booming market and sell my place. It is worth more than double what I paid for it. I first started packing up boxes galore and taking them to the thrift store. DONATE…I just gave them back a bulk of the things I brought from them. It took SEVERAL TRIPS…

NEXT I had to finish cleaning up the yard

Then I had to get rid of the truck and some furniture pieces. My daughter told me to sell on Facebook in the marketplace. You can sell with no fees. So I tried it.

I sold the truck within a few hours with no title. I did not think anyone would buy it but I guess it was good for parts. I sold it for 4 times the amount the junk yard was going to give me for it! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. The guy who brought it came 81 miles to get it. I told him it was nearly completely rusted out on the bottom but the engine was good. He was satisfied. While I was waiting for the guy to show up another guy told me he would come right then and pay me double what they other guy was paying. I could not do that since guy one was already on the road.

Then I wanted to get rid of a dresser. I tried to give the dresser away but everyone who said they were interested said they could not find a truck. Then I tried to sell it on Facebook as is. I got a lot of interest on it but no one came through to buy it.


So I painted it and raised the price by $20. It sold the same day. It went to a little girl. So much for my artistic painting LOL


I sold several other pieces of furniture. One lesson I learned is to list early Saturday morning and it will be gone that day of by the end of Sunday if the price is right. If you list during the week and have to wait for people to get off of work they never show up. When you get interest be prepared for them to offer less so mark it up a little. Don’t hold anything because people will have you waiting and then not show up. Don’t give out your address until a few minutes before your appointment time and lastly when they are on the way make sure you tell them to bring EXACT cash and have them pay you before they load the item.

Here is how my house turned out













The closet

The closet I built on

It’s a country house.

No one could believe I was selling. But yeah. I listed it and it sold immediately. I mad a nice chunk of change on it.

Now moving on to new ventures.

Check out my new place at

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