Before the The Kitchen Renovation

The floor Plan:


The stove was electric, there was no vent, corner shelf, window, laminate counter top, vinyl floor.  Fridge and  stove was about 30 years old.  The inside of the oven was so rusted I was scared to use it, the fridge was just as nasty.  Oh yeah and the walls are knotty pine wood.  It is also small as heck!!

There is only one plug in the kitchen, except where the stove plugs in so later if you see appliances on the counter  plugged into an extension cord sitting in the drawer you know why now. LOL Its crazy to think that people back in the day lived like this and it was considered normal.

My first project in the kitchen was removing the crown moulding so I can take the ceiling down.  When I pulled off the crown I realized there was nothing behind the ceiling so that snowballed into getting drywall put on as a top layer and more…see below.

I took this corner shelf down as it held absolutely nothing and I took down the light fixture as it was just plain ugly

I changed out the fridge and painted the kitchen blue..I really liked the blue. Before and after shots:

Other changes I made was switching over from elec to gas, putting a small cabinet between the stove and the fridge

Adding a bakers rack for more storage
I added a shelf where the corner shelf was going to be…still this wasn’t enough storage

The counter tops were tiled and I made new curtains…excuse me valances
I also changed the face of the doors of the lower cabinets and purchased new doors and drawer fronts for the rest
hat blue did not last long because the kitchen felt closed in.  I wound up painting it yellow…very close to the original color LOL.

And as I accumulated more things the kitchen got junkier and junkier.  It was driving me crazzzzzzy
no storage room so everything looks junky, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

before the renovations 8x10 kitchen, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I was busting at the seams…something had to change…

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