Pinterest is Making Me Sick!
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Pinterest is Making Me Sick!

  Okay so first of all I had to try the “amazing Vinegar and orange peel” cleaning solution.  You put orange peels in a jar, cover with white vinegar and let sit for 14 days then mix 1:2 (vinegar to water) .  They claimed it is an  excellent cleaner and smells amazing.  It cleans good, … Continue reading

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An Update on my Moroccan Inspired kitchen…

This was going to be a Moroccan kitchen but it is the beginning of my eclectic  Moroccan, Indian and country kitchen…in various stages of progress… I still have to put the Moroccan lanterns up and the flip up table…and some curtains in the bay window…and something to cover the doorway between the living room and … Continue reading

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The grand plan for my kitchen…

Okay so I have this kitchen in my 1940ish house.  It has to be the smallest kitchen you will ever see in your lifetime in a house. As you see the dimensions are 8.5×10 and all of the walls are broken up by SOMETHING a wall or door.  sighhhhhhh. Problems: No ventilation for cooking and … Continue reading