My Kitchen…


This was going to be a Moroccan kitchen but it is a combination Moroccan, Indian and country kitchen…in various stages of progress…  I still have to put the Moroccan lanterns up and the flip up table…and some curtains in the bay window…and something to cover the doorway between the living room and the bedroom.

That little shelf with the door  was actually the window that I took out of the kitchen on the other side.  I made this shelf between the studs and as you see they are not very deep.  Just the right depth for a cup.  I put the window on as a door.  I plan to one day hang some pretty  awesome cups in here….soon as I design them
 photo IMAG0053_zps30a86337.jpg         photo IMAG0054_zpsb9d9bc4b.jpg
That piece of carved rosewood on top came from a rosewood room divider that I have repurposed.  I have pieces of it all over the house to tie everything in together.  That curtain rod to hold my baskets is the less than $10 curtain rod.

             photo IMAG0041_zps71809a8e.jpg

The wall you see with the picture frame is the electrical access wall.  At one time I had a fuse box there but the electricity was converted and the box moved to the basement.The panel is behind the photo.  Instead of putting several access boxes for each junction box I put one piece of plywood.  Also I got that photo made at Walmart.  Funny how they won’t let you copy copywritten photos in a frame but put a bunch of them together and stick one of your self in there and they don’t have a problem.  LOL. There is a reason why they don’t call that store smart-mart.


 photo IMAG0048_zps984c1ff7.jpg
 photo IMAG0052_zps129f5292.jpg

The clock came from my neighbor Louise.  I can not count how many times I fussed her out for climbing a ladder to change the time for daylight savings.  YOU JUST DON”T DO THAT when you have a neighbor who will do it for you! The sun goddess came from the Dollar store and so did the recipe for an amazing woman.  Leaning on the floor is the table.  I am going to put a bar-top gloss coat on it and it will go on the wall there to hide that bottom access panel.  The pollen is too thick to work on the table outside …although I can probably do it in the basement and let it dry for however long it takes…It will store flat on the wall and when the kids come over you can  flip it up to be a table.  Neat huh?  I got that idea off Gardenweb from Momma Goose
 photo IMAG0051_zpsa8d3418d.jpg
 photo IMAG0050_zpsb34aa9bc.jpg
This is my picture window or bay window.  I removed two widows and replaced them with this one.  This widow is the reason I renovated my whole house.  It was the snowball effect.  I purchased a pot rack years ago and it did not fit in the kitchen.  I tried to sell it dirt cheap but no one wanted it.  I refused to give my brand new Cuisinart rack to Goodwill so I stored it for about 4 years.  Now I am able to hang it.  whoooo whoooo.

I have baskets on the less than $10 rod.  I still have my handmade door handles on these doors.  I plan to repaint them though. Got something similar yet totally different in mind.

    photo IMAG0042_zpsaf35d5fd.jpg

Here is a close up as to what is going on in that window.

 photo IMAG0056_zps501b6c50.jpg

This wall was a disaster.  First off when I ordered the cabinets I didn’t order enough  so I made a microwave shelf to go in the blank because I could not see me forking over another penny for a cabinet. As it was the guy marked them down, gave me credit for a ding here and there, and then gave me a Vets discount.  I was literally counting pennies to pay him LOL.  I could hug him for all the advice and support he game me!!  Shout out to Randy at Bargain Warehouse!!

Now look under the microwave…what do you see?

look closer…see it yet?

 photo IMAG0043_zps1ac9dabe.jpg



 photo IMAG0060_zps6ffc0d65.jpg
I spent a lot of time repairing the chinking in these logs and painting them so they could look decent yet no one even notices them. tsk. tsk. tsk.

Okay so there is a small hallway between the kitchen and the mudroom.  I used it to make my plate cabinet using the screen door I took off the house and more between the studs shelves.  On the other side of that short hallway is my basement where I painted a Hamsa.  A Hamsa is  my protection against evil behind ppl who may come in my house stabbing me in the back while they are smiling in my face and offering me rat poison cookies.  LOL Not that I have anyone like that visiting me…its just in case…

 photo IMAG0040_zpsd1b0453a.jpg     photo IMAG0061_zps6ca7fdcc.jpg  photo IMAG0062_zps01cf98b6.jpg

and yes I painted that!

And now we get to the wall where the window was removed!  So what you are seeing here is a wall I had a guy cover with cement to look like a gray brick wall.  It is sealed so it can be cleaned of grease.  I have my stove now properly vented to the outside of the house,  My rosewood trim on the rangehood and knick knack paddy whacks all over

     photo IMAG0044_zps6c37d824.jpg

 photo IMAG0057_zps03bd508e.jpg

TO recap…before and afters side by side:

The corner where I took that useless cabinet down.  There was no way anything can fit in that corner cabinet this is also where I removed the widow on the left.  I put a bakers rack with all kinds of kitchen utensils on it, installed  shelf on the wall for    my spices and a wall shelf for steak sauce, olive oil and crap like that

And now folks here are the before and afters

This photo shows three transitions.  The kitchen started off beige, then blue then yellow then I took out the window added a stone wall, moved the stove  and fridge and painted it tan.  This group of photos is of the same wall

I had to move the stove to the other side of the kitchen so I can have ventilation

Since I removed a window I changed the double windows to a garden window.  LOVING IT.  Notice the screen door in the hallway…talking about up-cycling …it’s my plate closet

 photo IMAG0046_zps2f17fe0a.jpg

I am still not finished

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