About Me…

More than you need to know:

I am Jaya/Jacquelyn.  My name was changed when I was young but I go back and forth with the names.   My Indian name means Victorious and my Christian name means May God Protect.  I like them both but I also like what the urban dictionary says of me. Look it up…

I am  a simple  country girl who just so happened to have been born in New York.  The Bronx to be exact….I mean the Boogie Down Bronx, in the Valley.  If I say I have goats or chickens people ask “aren’t you from NY???” As if that is the strangest thing they ever heard of.  Well I am from the burbs people.  A nice house in a nice neighborhood and there was a farm on my block okay?  Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

I am laid back, stress free, quiet and enjoy a simple carefree life, although people usually don’t get that until they get to know me.   I talk a lot though.  Not sure why but I love telling funny stories and hearing people laugh.  I gossip a tad bit if you call calling a spade a spade gossip, but I leave it at that without all the trivial details.   And I don’t like to see or hear about people who like to play with other peoples feelings, emotions or lives.  My associate circle is large but my friend circle is small, because there are a lot of people out there who I just can’t co-sign on their ways and therefore can’t click with long term or as anything more than an associate….  Call it being judgmental, stuck up or whatever you want, I am who I am.  Any friends I have long term you best believe they are truly GOOD people and true friends.  I believe in quality not quantity when it comes to my friends…

I  live in an old one bedroom  house, no cable, no house phone.  I watch movies once in a blue moon but I refuse to let the cable companies jack me for a couple of views a month so DVD’s and Red Box will be just fine thank you.  I do use a $12 RCA antennae on my TV and I get most of the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX etc) for free so I don’t really feel like I HAVE to have cable.  Anyway… I have better things to do with my time rather than wasting it on TV.  I used to be a Facebook addict but I recovered from that also.  I am so over Facebook.

My blog is mostly about my house, which I have a love hate relationship with.    I am close to work, just outside the city limits, limited amount of neighbors, and a very large lot that is just the BOMB.  (I just aged myself didn’t I?).   My neighbors are old and one thing about old people is they watch your house like a HAWK!  They know when I get up, go to sleep, go out, not go to work, have company etc.  They also know when someone is at my house when I am not here and I am subject to be called and warned so I can check my security cameras.   Yet and still, one minute I love it and the next minute I can’t stand it.  I can’t tell you how many times I started packing it up to sell it and move then changed my mind and unpacked and  fell in love with it again… when I am moving I go on a throw everything out spree when I am staying I go on a let’s decorate and make this house a home spree.   You know when I am in that mood because I blog about it.

I truly love a big house, but big houses come with baggage, mainly “family who need a place to stay for a week but wind up staying until I can’t take it any longer” baggage.  Many people keep it, I try not to.

My tastes run on the eccentric side.  I love the shock effect but at the same time try to draw the line in the sand between eccentric and tacky.  I try to hold back on the crazy ideas I have because sometimes I think they are too over the top but I find myself getting to the point of not really caring.  I mean this is MY house after all.  Right?  What if I like pink in every room?  Elephants in every room? Girly shit everywhere?  Indian folk decorations, Hindu pieces, and some bling-bling here and there and oh lets not forget the overly decorated furniture?   It has taken me years to get this place in order but in the past I have had my house together and had developers ask me to stage houses for them so I don’t think my tastes are too bad.  What might seem strange to you at first will make sense as I finish the rooms.   What you will NOT find in my house is the common everyday stuff you find in other houses.   My house is a stamp of my personality and yours should be also.  If nothing else I hope my blog inspires you to be you.

Thanks for reading and please, if you like anything in particular can  you share it on Pinterest?  You can request me as a friend on facebook but as I already said I am over that phase in my life but you can still friend me or share my facebook page,  as that might help my readership.  I am on Twitter also but I haven’t quite figured out how or what  to tweet yet.


8 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Your home is adorable. I wish I had that much open space surrounding my house… I tell my husband that the next time we move, I want it to be to a place where I can’t see any neighboring houses.


  2. Hi Jay,

    Love your story, and the house and the surroundings. Very relaxing. Not surprised that you decided to stay. Also looked at the before and after pix of the kitchen renovation. Gold is definitely a warm, beautiful colour, although the blue looked quite attractive as well. Very impressed, too, with your renovation plans for the entire house, and the fact that you could write down what you wanted to accomplish, and tick off as you succeed. Go for it girl! I’m sure that all your dreams and wishes will come true as you have put God first in your life.



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