Coloring on a New Level *updated*
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Coloring on a New Level *updated*

Me and my one bathroom house with no linen closet….I have an issue with storage.  Situation: I wanted a place to keep my curling irons, girly stuff and cleaning supplies close to the sink.  I hated the vanity with the cabinet.  You know…the pratical one.  And I had to have a pedestal sink…like I have plenty … Continue reading

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YES YES YES…I am starting another project even though I have so many unfinished ones…please don’t judge me.. I have a good excuse for every unfinished project in this joint. This project was unplanned. See what happened wazzzz….I was surfing Pinterest this morning and I saw this project where they were transforming plain ole plastic … Continue reading

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Chandelier (Part Two of Three)


This page is dedicated to making the strands to hang from my chandelier

Before I begin let me remind you that I am new to this, yes I am winging it, and no I never beaded a thing in my entire life. If you are knowledgeable about the subject PLEASE feel totally free to comment with your suggestions…Even though it might not help me with this project, it might help me in the future. I plan to do a lot of bead stuff!!

okaaaaaay…here we go


1 of each of the followings:

Design Elements Inspirations- French Riviera ($4.19), Caliente Coral ($5.59) and Glitz & Glam($5.50) (.74 oz each pack)
Jesse James Beads- Urban Ice Spice
Jewelry Essential Crafting Beads (550 pieces of clear 8mm beads) ($4.20)
Jewelry Essentials clear Stringing (20 yds) ($1.74) NOT the stretch kind
Jewelry Basics Findings (140 pieces) Eyepins ($3.99)

4 5 6 9 7 8

NOTE: I got all of my beading supplies from Hancock Fabrics and the price I quoted reflects 30% off BUT the packages had websites on them so I passed the info on to you in case you want to look around. Continue reading

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Moroccan pouf/Mackenzie Childs inspired Ottoman/ part 3

If you are new to the thread click to read: Part One here   Part Two here Time I plan to work on this today? 2PM-6PM then I HAVE to do homework. I stopped work on the ottoman last night because something about it just did not feel right about it and I had worked on … Continue reading