Thrift store finds

I think the Upcycling Universe Was With Me!

Between yesterday and today I been out thrifting again.  I guess I am so happy to be up and about I am working double time?  Not sure but yesterday I went to Trosa and found this darling candle holder for $1.99.  I was stoked.  It looks small but it is about 7″ tall and I think it is brass.  It holds a taper candle in it. It is two pieces and I am not sure why but the top comes off.   I loooooove it.  I want to put it on my vanity when I get it finished. It is a darker brass than the photo shows.

IMG_0763  IMG_0770

Then I found two of these do-dad  shelves for $2.99 each.  I know you are wondering what-in-the-heck I am going to do with this.  No, no, no,  I can’t tell you right now but just be rest assured I do have the perfect spot for them…all  I have to do is paint them in my secret color, and display the perfect thing I have in mind to display on them in the perfect spot and ohhhhh it will be just perfect.   I’m such a sucka for anything with a heart on it.



But the thing I am happiest about finding?  It’s a Bedazzler for 50 cents!!


Yes my friends, I finally got one.  I always wanted one but never thought that it was worth the $20 they sell it in the store for.  I have to find the studs and figure out how it works and then?  My house is going to be ALL BLINGED OUT.  I will  have diamonds everywhere.  People will walk in my door and say:  damn girl whats blinding me like that?  And my response will be that’s my shine…bask in it!  (LMAO) I am laughing but I am not kidding.  Watch and see.  This was a dangerous find for me.


Moving forward from that brief moment of insanity…today I went to a different store called The Scrap Exchange (that’s a link you can click to check out their web store).  If you find one of those weird projects on Pinterest this is the place to find the supplies for it.  Things I noted to myself that I might go back and get….wine bottle corks for some project I can’t remember what it was but I know I saw and I have to find again, magazines from the 60’s and up (and we all know the old craft magazines had projects you can actually do in a day or so), old sheet music pages and books for some decoupage project that I will also have to try to find, and vintage sewing patterns…oh how I love the old patterns,  and a whole host of other goodies.  I really hate when I find a project then can’t find the stuff to make it but worse yet is when I finally find the stuff but can’t remember what the project was.  Sometimes the universe is on our side and sometimes not.  But for my current project it was right on time!!  I was in this warehouse sized store for almost two hours..  and here is what I found…safe things but a good deal none the less.

Upholstery fabric to make my valances on the two front tiny windows. It’s not as bright as this photo shows… one and a quarter yards and I paid 75 cents for it.  ummmm hmmmm…



7 yards  of this satiney medium weight upholstery fabric to make curtains and the table skirt.  The monitor colors are all off darn it.  I promise you  they look good together…this fabric almost matches my wall and in REAL LIFE it pulls everything together.  Going for $3 a yard.  I wanted to whine and cry about that but we all know upholstery fabric is usually no less than $10 a yard, and the width of upholstery fabric is glorious!!  So I sucked it up and got over my ridiculous cheapness.




I also concluded the chair in my room has to go, the futon in the grand kids room also has to go… and some more things have to get moved around so I can get all the thrift store treasures out of my back seat and trunk in here and what is all over the house in their new place.  Plus I need to have a place to do my crafting and sewing.  I should sell the old stuff on Craigs list huh?  I hate selling on craigslist because cheap people insult the hell out of you when they are looking for a deal.  I am cheap but when I find stuff online I usually don’t haggle.  I save that for the stores as it is not their personal stuff so they don’t take it personal.  Big difference!!

Do you have a thrift store near you with super duper deals?  And do you find it difficult to find supplies for your inspiring pinterest projects?

Feel free to comment here

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