Poor Bear…who really cares about him??

I called a lawyer about Bear. First I called one whom I paid a lot of my neighbors money to but he said he could not help because this is not his area of law.  I understood and respected that.  I called another one who is part of my legal plan from work. Usually those lawyers suck and they are only good for advise or real estate closings.  That’s it. If I was charged with a crime I would NEVER use them.  NEVER.   He didn’t understand why I would want damages for my dog, whom he referred to as chattel, but he would take the case. I didn’t want him because he did not feel my pain at all and I felt like he would do a half ass job.  I wanted Petsmart to feel some pain. Lastly I called this local lawyer who’s commercial states they have lawyers who will fight for your rights…AND THEY MEAN BUSINESS I gave them all the info and they have someone call me back today to tell me they can’t take the case. I ask why and she tells me that is confidential information. Really??? I thought this was about MY dog? Whatever…she might as well had  said there is not enough money in this for them.  Its not about the money its about respect and dignity.. Okay JSF…I hear ya and screw you too.
So I guess its okay for Petsmart to damage my dogs eye, don’t even tell me about it, then without even checking it out properly put drops in his eye.  My dog was in pain for  days and then loses his eye and they say oops… sorry… we will take care of the bill and walk away without a freaking care in the world???….And then?

Everyday I have Bear  when I look at him having one eye I have to live with the fact that I took him to Petsmart, despite the fact that I had reservations about it. I did it,  so I guess I have to face it…as if I don’t live with enough guilt for other things as it is. Life can be so cruel sometimes. And no one really truly gives a damn now do they?
I have to tell the news about it. People need to know about this…

3 thoughts on “Poor Bear…who really cares about him??

  1. AW You really can not blame yourself for this happening to Bear.Any person would assume taking their dog to a professional groomer would get a quality job and no damage to your pet. Having groomed dogs for years I know accidents can and do happen no matter how careful a person is about the process. BUT I am concerned about the drops they used. I did nothing for the scratch on my cornea until the next day except keep the crud rinsed out of my eye with saline solution.Cold packs on my eye to reduce the swelling. Helped to ease the pain. I was at the doctor first thing the next morning for treatment. Even so with the ointment and patched eye it was still painful.

    You need to stop beating yourself up though. Does no one any good. I feel so sorry for both of you. But you also need to hear same as Bear does.

    Hugs to both of you


  2. I think Petsmart must be expecting you to pursue this. Maybe you should ask the Store Manager to have his District Manager give you a call. And let them be the ones to think about how to compensate you.

    I do know it’s not about suing them because nothing will bring back Bear’s eye. BUT your dog LOST AN EYE because of their store!! They need to deal with that!!! Plus, other people need to know not to take their pets there!!


    • You are right…its about accountability and exposure. I believe in my heart that the groomer knows he hit bear in the eye and just did not say anything and I believe when I brought it to their attention instead of them saying it was nothing and putting drops in it they should have had the vet look at it and make sure it was okay. No one can tell me that if they started treatment on Tuesday he would have still lost his eye. So at this point I think people just need to know…


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