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Calling All Bathroom Selfie Shots

I finally finished my bathroom and realized I did not post photos.  Hopefully you will find it as interesting as the people who come over and peek in my medicine cabinet. Yes I have had peekers and remember because the kids kept going in my stuff I put an alarm on the door.  Welllllllll I had to to take the alarm off and just  accept the fact that I am just that darn interesting that people what to see more.  Having one bathroom comes with a price.  Anyway I don’t keep anything personal in there and soon as company leaves I take my washcloth and towel out and wash it.  It gives me the heebie jeebies to think that someone might have TOUCHED IT.

Anyway…a long time ago I had curtains up, walls were gold, had a sink with a cabinet,  tile floors, and a sterilite set of drawers for my curling irons.


It went through a couple of transformations but now I have white walls, a shutter on the window, vinyl wood looking planks on the floor, a HUGE tall pedestal sink (that I love)  and a rolling cart for my girly junk.  Note the toilet tissue roll on the flat iron….I am always forgetting to turn my oron off so now I put it in the roll when its off.  One glance in the bathroom and I know if I left it on my if its in the roll.  It works.  I should make it a little prettier though.  I am also replacing my baskets with little glas jars on hooks like the ones I have for my razors and my  q-tips.


On the back wall I had wall words and it went through a bunch of transformations.  I like to paint and each time I painted I changed the quote…..

bathroom 2



and then I painted it white and built wall shelves  with a door made from one bifold door that I  found in the ReUse Store for $5 and took apart and made two doors.  I had to have a place for all my soap and shampoo since I  deleted the storage from under the sink (story here).



This pedestal sink holds a lot of crap on the top…which might not be the best thing for a “collector” of stuff like myself.  I love it though.   It is a $900 Kohler Memoirs sink that I found in the Salvage yard (ReUse Store) for practically nothing!!.  image

And last but not least is the door.  I made a collage using MS Collage and had Staples print it  for me.  I put it on the door, with spray adhesive, cut it to size,  then put a coat of Modge Podge on top to protect it from water damage.  This is the back of the door.


No one seems to be able to find the bathroom so I thought it would be funny to put this sign on the front of the door.


I designed it using MS Image Composer and had Staples print it for me.  My idea is that people will take selfies and tag me on Facebook then I will print them and add them to the door.  They won’t see them until the next time they come. LOL  That’s the idea anyway and I think it will be fun…I wonder how many people will do it. BTW if you would like a PDF of this poster just send a request by email  I designed it so that the pdf can be printed to large size (48×64) or print to fit on whatever page size you want all without sacrificing quality.  And then you can tag me or email me a photo so I can see how you used it.



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