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Edited Living Room post

I decided I need to get rid of everything I don’t need.  I am cleaning house!!  Forget about yard sales when I have family who needs furniture.  I am getting rid of my bakers rack that I loved, my wood bistro dinette set that I have in my barn and has been there for 4 years collecting dust, My living room furniture that I absolutely hate in here because it just does not fit, the spare bedroom set that I don’t need, my sleigh bed that I HATE because its so big and is hard, lots of pots and pans,  some comforter sets and other stuff that has just been piling up and I really have no room to hoard store anymore. I told my niece to bring a truck and I will hook her up and she better get here before I change my mind!!  I am also painting my walls in colors (thanks to the realization the previous article revealed about my booooring color choices).  I am going to liven this joint up and celebrate loving my life.

Once I get rid of the furniture I will have to replace it and quite honestly I have the hardest time picking out furniture.  I HATE furniture shopping and nothing ever looks as good as it looks in the store once I get it in my house.   I decided this time I am going to build my living room set.  I will still be keeping in my Moroccan/Turkish/Bedouin theme that even though is defined I am not seeing it in fruition yet.

These are my living room inspiration photos but please look at the design concepts and not particularly the colors or fabrics.

In general the sofas measure 78″ wide by 30″ deep by 22″ to 24″high.   In reading those dimensions you will note that the couches are low to the floor.  What worries me is when I have elder people over will they be able to get back up once they sit down?

These Moroccan couches are VERY expensive. This couch costs $1740! I would sit on the floor before I pay that!!

If I look at a couch with a back the price increases to $1930!  The dimensions of them are generally  71″ wide, 29″ deep, Back Height = 33″ .  I think I like the idea of having a back on the couch.  Pink is my favorite color but I could not have these in here.  I think I am going to do burgundy and gold tones.  I love that long trim with the wide band.  I don’t know how to search for that on the Internet so I couldn’t find it anywhere.

This design is my favorite.  I am not crazy about the colors (even though again, pink is my fav color but this pink is tooo bright) but I like the mix of stripes, velvet, paisley (ish) and fringe.  I like the long fringe vs the ball trim.  I priced long trim and WOW they cost like $70 a YARD.  That is 3 feet of frick fracking trim for $70 bucks.  Last time I checked I don’t have money like that so I have to work my magic to find some less expensive trims.

Oblong pillows look nice to me BUT I think I would need to attach them together by velcro to keep it in place.  I think I will stick to the flat pillows.  Less drama LOL

And if I get scared of patterns making it in a nice silk plain fabric could work also.  Let the walls and carpets absorb the color impact

and of course I will need some poufs.  They have round poufs

square poufs

poufs used as tables

poufs used as foot rests

I just want my living room cozy and comfy but not too too busy.

and I might throw in a hookah just for fun.

I already have a low round table that I will decorate in some way, but besides that, I will be starting from scratch. I should be finished with the trim in the kitchen and the cabinets and last things on the punch list this weekend, I have to make the planters for my window herb garden pretty soon and then the kitchen is DONE!!

Next,  I want to move on to my laundry room and the living room and the bedroom.   I  figured out how to drape my ceiling really cheap , like $28 for all the fabric…so I am anxious to get to that.  I thought about keeping my seigh bed and paint it BUT I paid a LOT of money for it and I am nervous about painting it BUT I just like the look of painted wood…BUT I don’t want to destroy the bedroom set BUT I have had it for 5 years so I think its okay to go ahead and paint it BUT  I’m  scared BUT this decorating round is about me and what I want in my house that will make me happy and for once I am doing what I LIKE not what someone else likes, so its gonna be a big change But having said that I hope I don’t live to regret painting the bed so that is why I decided to give it to my niece.  That was a decision made out of fear.  I do that occasionally.

I just hope in the end I don’t have one of those “What in the hell have I done” regrets!!

What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Edited Living Room post

  1. Admiring the commitment you put into your blog and detailed information you present. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.”


  2. Okay. You are the ULTIMATE diy blog. Wherever they give out official titles for that, they need to be sending you yours…

    I CANNOT wait to see your sofa. It will be amazing. And? You’ll be able to recover it at whim. Or when your grandkids spill on it…

    About the bed? Maybe you should use a paint sprayer? If you have one? You know how hard it is to get a perfectly flat coat of paint with a brush… Or? Make a fabric slip cover for the headboard. IF that wouldn’t look too weird. That way you could get the color you wanted, and it would be temporary so you wouldn’t feel like you ruined your set…


    • LOL Thank you. I wonder if I will get companies to send me free stuff to review on my blog? Then I would feel like I have the ultimate blog!
      Yes I thought about being able to change the fabric at will. Actually I love that idea!! If I could recover my livingroom set I would do it but the expense in that is so not worth it. And everyone and their Momma has a similar set because a lof of companies used the same design pattern. I guess it is what was in at that time. I do like the fact that is it micro fiber although I can’t afford it in the store and there fore recovering would cost a fortune.

      I have a professional paint sprayer in the barn but the real problem is the size of the furniture. I had this furniture in my old place and it is not fitting in here. I need to have pieces on a doll house scale. Thats why this Moroccan theme is appealing to me because the furniture appears smaller. I am glad I did not get the European set I wanted which is humongeous. With the set I have I can’t even put the mirror on the dresser because my ceiling is too low!! I thought about taking the legs off but then that is a step towards destruction. I don’t know she might just luck up and get the whole bedroom set as well. The only problem with smaller scale dressers and bureaus is that they are usually cheaply made which would drive me CRAZY!


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