Petsmart Update

Latest update about Petsmart.  I sent them my list of demands like the attorney advised me…except I did not pay them to draft it for me.  Petsmarts “Pet Safety Specialist” called me today to say they are paying for the medical bills only.  No medical aftercare, no reimbursement for me taking time off work to care for Bear (1.5 days), no reimbursement for me paying for a pedigree dog and them ruining him.

This is what upset me about them in the first place.  They act like its okay to put my  dogs eye out and pay the bill then say sorry and move on like nothing happened.  No care whatsoever.  And they freaking specialize in animals!!  So I guess they think I should be sharing in the expenses of this incident as if I had some responsibility in his eye being taken out?  WOW that is real NERVE.

So now I have three choices.  I can hire  lawyer one on a contingency basis to sue them  or I can pay lawyer two to draft a demand letter.  Second lawyer said I should also report it to the media and file a complaint with the BBB.  I looked them up on the BBB and guess what?  They have many unanswered complaints and they do not belong to the BBB so I imagine they could give less than a rats butt if I complain about them.

I did a little research and I know now why Petsmart is refusing to do the right thing….most people do not prevail beyond  the cost of the animal cost and vet bills.  They paid the vet bills but I will have to push the envelope to get them to pay for the cost of the dog and reimburse me for my time lost off of work.  Not to mention how they stressed me and my grand kids  out worrying about Bear.

I am really pissed off now… on the whole principle of what they did, their smug freaking attitude and how no one really cares about pets.


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