Adverse weather two years in a row…

Last year this time I went to NY for the weekend.  I left on Friday to return home on Sunday.  Everyone kept telling me about the horrid rains that the hurricane was sending.  I said it will be fine.  Saturday I got up early and it was a bleak day.  Not freezing and not yet raining.  We went to the mall and when we got out  there was a blizzard going on.  As we were traveling through the streets trying to get back to the house trees were falling and blocking off streets everywhere.  There were cars parked in the driveways (while their garages were full of junk) with fallen trees on them.  Electrical lines were down and there was no power the entire weekend. Cars were spinning out on the highway (interestingly enough mostly Mercedes).  It was baaaaad.  Now same time this year they are getting threatened with being hit the worst again,,,this time by Sandy.  Pray for them!


2 thoughts on “Adverse weather two years in a row…

  1. We lost power nearly immediately. The weather wasn’t even THAT bad yet, and we were without electricity. Finally got it back late yesterday afternoon… so nice to have Internet and hot water again. Looked at some photos of places not too far from me that are really devastated, so we were extremely lucky!


    • Yes you were. I was getting worried about you and I had it in my mind to email you today to see if you were okay. I have some photos a co-worker sent me that I will be posting as soon as I figure out how to get them out of my email LOL


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