The Comforter Created More Projects!

I used to always buy King size bedding because I liked it to drap over the bed a little more than normal.  I finally found the perfect bedroom set when I was in the middle of renovating.  That was before I got the new bed.

 photo IMAG0105_zps0bf08e7e.jpg

I love love loved this set.  It was beige with brown and pink and so much nicer than the photo.  I painted the room a “Cherry Mocha” which is a dark rose with a hint of brown to it.  I painted the trim in the room brown.  I then ordered my bed in a brown and got my first bit of bad news…they did not have it in brown…so I had to get black.  Then when it came the king size set was too big for the bed and it was not going to work.  I couldn’t take it back because it took months before I actually opened the package…So dear daughter wound up getting the set.  She is more than happy about that.

I had to go shopping for another bedding set.  I hate this.  It took me 3 years to find a set that I love and then I couldn’t use it nor could I buy another because it was the last of the stock when I got it.    So Here we go again.  Of course there was not another beige, brown and pink set that I liked.  Since I got a black bed I went looking for and found a black set.  Not my top pick but I could live with it.
 photo IMAG0159_zps206a8fb7.jpg

I am one of these matchy-matchy type of chicks but of course there were no matching curtains, but there were plenty of black curtains, white curtains and pink curtains, but nothing was turning me on. I refuse to pay so much money for plain curtains, so I went fabric shopping to make my own but even on sale fabric is not cheap.  I finally found some fabric but for a year now its been in my drawer…shame on me!!




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