A lamp shade on the ceiling

I want to make accessorize my bedroom around my new comforter.


I purchased fabric for curtains….but that will be another post.

So I had this idea to do another lampshade project.  This time I wanted to use my Cricut Expression to cut out a Middle Eastern style design and put it on the inside of the shade but guess what?  None of the cards I have contain a design even close to what I want but I can buy two from Cricut for  $40 each.  I am not spending another penny on this thing.  I contacted Silhouette to see if they would give me a deep discount on a machine in exchange for advertising their project through at least  4 planned projects using their machine but I did not get a response from them yet.  I had to move forward.  In the meantime my alternative is decoupage.

I did an image search for Indian vector designs.  I saved them on a stick and took them to OfficeMax and had them blown up on 11×17 paper.

 photo IMAG0071_zpsc7101ec3.jpg      photo IMAG0075_zps025d5985.jpg

When you download small designs and have them blown up they come out pixelated.  That is okay… nothing a sharpie can’t fix

 photo IMAG0074_zpse76e4d15.jpg

You are not going to be looking at the design directly so you can make the main outlines darker and leave the rest.  sorry about the poor lighting in the photos..

 photo IMAG0073_zpse76646eb.jpg

Everything was cut out

 photo IMAG0072_zps3a1e81e5.jpg   photo IMAG0075_zps025d5985.jpg

I painted the back of the designs with modge podge and let dry over night.  In the meantime I wiped out the inside of the shade.  I got this huge drum shade for $4 (with my vet discount).  In the stores these shades were $60 and up.

 photo IMAG0076_zps849a0869.jpg

After it dried I painted the front of the paper design with Modge Podge and let it dry slightly then I applied it with the design side to the inside of the shade.  I let it dry a bit first because it helps with the paper not wrinkling too bad when you apply it.  That and pre-painting one side helped a great deal.  It had a few bubbles but no wrinkles.  It was not too bad.  After I applied it I went over it with a second coat.  I think three coats of ModgePodge will be sufficient.  Because I used the marker, part of the design bled to the back of the paper.  I am not too worried about that showing,  you will have to be directly under it to see the design on it.  An alternative would be to put a piece of white paper on top of the inside but I am not going through all that.   If you have a cut out from a die cut machine the design would be inside in its entirety and that would look nice on both sides.

 photo IMAG0077_zps76ff75ac.jpg

When the lights are out you see a plain white lampshade but when the lights are turned on you soo the designs through the shade.  I love it


sorry for the skimpy photos…




2 thoughts on “A lamp shade on the ceiling

  1. I’m so happy you are blogging again!
    I read your entire blog, from beginning to end last year… and enjoyed it so much that I’m reading it in it’s entirety right now. haha (If you are getting hits from Lemoore California on an android phone, that’s me).
    I love all of your DIY projects, and it makes me want to drag out the sewing machine… but I already have 20 other projects going on right now, so it’ll have to wait.
    I hope you get to take a few days off from school work this month (Spring Break).


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