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My Thrift Store Trip

I went to my favorite TROSA Thrift store a couple of weeks ago and spied these couches.



Yes they are red.  They are both pull out couches and when I removed the cushions I found that they were also sleepers and the beds look brand new still in the plastic.  The cushions and the arms, on the other hand, look a tad bit worn and I knew they would eventually need to be recovered.  Besides the color I also liked that the fabric appears to be a stain repellent type of fabric which would be great for the grand kids.  That way they can stay out of my living room!!  But I did not get them because I needed the rooms to be complete before I buy furniture.  Potential impulse buy squashed.

I also spied this fireplace that would go perfect in my addition


I did not buy it for two reasons.  1-Because the price was $299.99 and I thought that was utterly ridiculous.  I can buy a whole TV console with storage doors and a fireplace in it for that price brand new at the end of the season.  I know that because I have one that I got for a steal in Big Lots last year or maybe two years ago.  And 2.- I asked one of the furniture guys to plug it in and the back light was not working properly.  I looked it up on the internet while I was in the store and found that a)- it was 10 years old and b)- the replacement part would cost $85.  I asked the manager how much would he lower it considering those two facts and he said something ridiculous like 10%.  I passed.

I did find a drop leaf table that that another manager dropped the price down for me (on a different trip).  You may be wondering why at this point am I always asking for lower prices.  Well on the tag they have the week they put the item out/got it/tagged it or whatever.  If they have it too long I will be happy to rid them of it in exchange for a markdown.  They get so much stuff they have to have these huge tent sales to clean their inventory!!  So I go in there and I search and dig  for items that have been in there for 2 months or more.  Right now we are in week 4 so I usually look for items at or before week 48.  That’s just how I roll.

Yesterday I went back in the store to pay for my couches and to purchase two chairs to sit at the table.  I sat on the couches for a while and I thought about them.  Red would go perfect in my addition that is true but the worn out fabric would mean I would have to eventually recover it.  Also having pull out beds might entice my family to wear out their welcome. So I looked around a bit to see if I could find something that perhaps I might like a bit better.

Well I am happy to say that treasure hunting fits me.  I found two chairs and two love seats and guess how much I paid for everything?  Here take a peek before you guess.  I did not take photos of the love seats yet.

The table, two chairs and two love seats cost a grand total of $57!!!  I wanted to sing a jig when I left the store LOL.

The chairs HAVE to be recovered as they are ugly dirty and don’t even match. The table and chairs have to be repainted but the loveseats are good as they are.  Oh and I purchased Nicolette Tabram stencils which I ALREADY got in the mail (she was quick!!) and I plan to use them on the table and possibly the chairs.  I WANT TO GET STARTED NOW on that project BUT the house is a mess and I figure I better clean the place up before I start yet another project.  Remember my new year resolution!!  (Although I must confess…I did do a slight side project real quick that I will be posting later on.  I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!!)

Oh and yes the guys are officially finished and it looks fantastic!!  I still have to get some electrical work done and I have to get the closet systems installed.  Not sure if I am going the Ikea route or if I am going to try to build them myself.

They were going to haul off the trash and I said oh hell no you won’t!  There is good wood in there and I made them leave it.  I will probably regret that after I go through it and purge what I want out if it.  Perhaps I should have asked him to come back for it later.


I also have to figure out what I am going to do with the stuff that came off my porch!


Here is a video we made while they were working.  You have to have a little fun here and there.  I look a mess cause this is when I was sick.



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