End of a long wasted weekend

Well I sat in this house all weekend long with no electricity except in the kitchen and one outlet in the living room.  That was no fun.  I had to sleep on the floor which killed my back…also no fun. I have stomach pains and dizzy spells, no doubt from all the stress.  I almost went to the emergency room tonight but decided to wait, praying that it is not something serious that will kill me and people would be wondering why I didn’t go to the hospital.  OK let’s clear this up…I hate the VA hospital that’s why.  Anyway the pains are finally gone and I just have a headache and occasional dizziness now…also no fun, but I am still alive.

Worker called me up yesterday to tell me that he was taking Labor Day off after all.  Really?   I decided to finish up some kitchen projects.  I finished painting my 3 monkeys table but I can’t show you because  the harsh lighting in here makes it look really lame.

I was going to work on my curtains.  It took me 30 minutes to locate my fabric and scissors.  I never could find the iron so I got as far as cutting the panels out. I can’t sew without an iron.

I did manage to hang up the rod brackets.  Whoopty doo.

I couldn’t recover the chairs either because I have to fire up the compressor to use the stapler  and I really didn’t want to go that route this weekend.  I have the wrong size staples for my manual gun and its just as well cause I hate using that thing anyway.

The dog decided to crap in the house and that pissed me off.  I guess he figured a little crap added to all the mess in here is not going to make a difference.  He is on punishment now.  …forever…lol

I started feeling depressed again.  I mean really depressed.  That’s what happens when I am idle with nothing to do.  So for once in my life I said screw it and I just let the tears roll.  I usually hold them in but since my stomach was hurting I was afraid of an ulcer so I let em roll. Now that I am done with that I don’t feel any better.  Whoever said letting  the tears out relieves the pressure and makes you feel better lied.  I think that’s why my head is hurting… from the stuffy nose from crying.  I feel worse.

I did a total of 8 hours of algebra and statistics homework to keep myself busy today.  I am all caught up now except I still  have two papers to write.  I should have worked on them this weekend rather than wallowing in my woe is me situation and using the fact that I have no furniture to sit on and no decent lighting as excuses.

I am probably malnourished because  even though I did cook some chicken and rice this weekend I supplemented it with bowls and bowls and bowls of Lucky Charms (it was on sale) and Buffalo Wings flavored Pringle’s (limited time flavor).  Single people can get away with that,  LOL.

I hope Drink Lei Down reads my posting so she will get the message that her blog is all mucked. up.  I can’t click on it to read anything and there is no option to let her know so all I can do is hope she reads my blog and get her Tech Guru to fix it.  And why isn’t anyone else updating their blogs lately??

I researched my chandelier and I realize my taste outweighs my purse because every time I found something I really liked it was in the thousands.  I can’t afford that and even if I could I probably wouldn’t buy it.  Nope….that’s a lie…I did see one that if I had the money I would have splurged on it. So in my next life I need to be rich so I can buy that chandelier!!

I also tried to find some trim to make a Moroccan Wedding blanket but I came up with blanks.  Just as well, I have too many projects started already anyway.


2:58 AM…still wide  awake

That can’t be good…

7 thoughts on “End of a long wasted weekend

  1. Hey Ms Jay –
    I am sorry to read that things aren’t going as well as you’d like. I know being over 50 gives one a different perspective on life. What we could have done, what we’ve done, mistakes made and challenges still ahead. Sometimes solitude is a good thing – other times not so much. Just know there are many who are pulling for you – some of us are in a similar situation. It’s easy to get down when everything around you is a disorganized mess. But you have the spirit to wade through the muck and one day have what you envision. Keep the faith – it will be a personal victory that no one can take away from you.


    • Thank you. I have to plan this a little better so I can get to a place where I don’t see so much chaos around me. I find it so distressing and distress in one area can snowball into another until it seems there is no hope…fortunately I did not get that low LOL.


  2. Aw MsJay, so sorry all of this is causing you so much grief. Hey I do not even remember my 50th or my 60th. We never celebrate or do gifts and I even gave up Christmas many years ago. Last few years not one sign of Christmas in our house and I have some Gorgeous antique ornaments.

    I feel exactly as you do on the night life and social scene. I have always been a loaner. Even though there are those around me that insist I should get out and do things yada yada yada. LOL I even had a friend try to do us a big wedding party when we went off and got married in a different town quietly not telling any one because we did not want a bash 20 years ago. She was actually pissed.

    I think it is awful that guy put you off on your electricity repair like that. I do not understand the work ethics any more. No reliability. Heck I have a silly young man that I have to beat over the head to turn in his hours every month. How hard can that be?Every month he promises it will not happen again and yet here it is the 4th and no hours from him. sigh. He will not get paid if I do not get his hours in time for the meeting to get his pay check approved.

    I do not have any answers for you other then maybe try to clean up some of the smaller messes. The mess seems to be bothering you more than anything.

    Heading down the mountain today to face the real world. Argh…………



  3. Ugh. In all seriousness… there is no way anyone can feel good with one outlet, a disaster-project-upheavaled house, 8 hours of math homework, and a worker who does not show up so you can actually stick to your plan.

    Try to remember this is a low point we all go through when everything we started crashes down and does not behave the way we expected. Although, really? Shouldn’t we know better than to expect things to go to plan?????

    You should feel good that Captain Drama did not lure you into a conversation. It would have been a tempting distraction; I’m sure… so good for you.

    I haven’t written about our house in so long… I’m trying to gear back up into it, but I’m just like—ugh. I’m already living it, who needs to blog about it. Ha ha.


    • LOL…
      I had another set back today…now the ceiling in my bedroom that I was going to cover up with the fabric is soo loose, worker informed me that he gives it 6 months before it comes down on me. HOW MANY MORE SETBACKS CAN I POSSIBLY HAVE?? Screw it..I told him to go ahead and replace the ceiling. Now the only thing need to be fixed is the floor below the toilet and the floor in the barn.


      • Well actually this will be progress. EEEKKKK I had a toilet fall over on a friend. Thankfully he was able to repair all of it. And he did not get hurt. And he cleaned up the mess. And THEN the bath tub,claw foot, fell over the first time I used it after spending three days redoing the bathroom. I was so sad. Had to install a quapy metal shower. Cheep landlord.

        Soon all of this will be behind you. Can’t wait to see more pictures. How is the electric coming. Hoping you are safe there.



      • yes technically it is…just that the pocket can only stretch so far. I am way over 10% allowed overage, but then again, instead of just doing the kitchen I have done the whole house.

        I wish I had a claw foot tub. I love them!! Oh yeah I guess a new tub is on the list as well thanks to a crappy refinish job. I hate to tear the bathroom apart again but one day it will have to be done. I hope the toilet does not fall through in the meantime. I hate to even have him look at it. LOL


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