Bear Update

Bear seems to be healing.

His eye is a little bruised but that is to be expected…

He is acting like a baby though.  He insists on staying on my lap or in my arms no matter what I am doing.  Then he moans till he falls asleep.  I don’t know if he is playing me or if he is really in pain.  I been giving him his medicine on the dot.  I have my alarm set for 4AM, noon and 8PM.  At 8PM I give him his last pill for the night and let him fall asleep in my arms then I put him in his kennel.  I feel like I have a sick baby LOL. I can’t stand to see him suffer and this is all I know to do.  They gave me syringes with medicine in them to inject in his cheek but the med sheet says to hold so I think they gave it to me by accident.  There is no needle on the syringes.  I gave my goats shots plenty of times so if I have to inject him in the cheek I can do it…..but I won’t unless it looks like he is in dramatic pain and the doctor gives me the okay.

The Pill Pockets are working great and so far I have not had a problem giving him his pills, thanks to those things.  They were $9.99 which I think is sky high BUT since I haven’t had to fight him to get him to take his pills I am grateful.  If I put a pill in his food he will eat all around it.   LOL I don’t know why dogs hate pills.

Also he usually eats holistic dry food but since this eye drama  I had to put him on moist food.  He loves it.  I never seen him so excited about eating before.  hmmph well moist food is expensive but not nearly as bad as his normal food so I guess I should be glad.  The down side however; is you can now smell his poop a mile away.  ewwwl…disgusting!!  Please don’t ever let me step in it…. no I do not scoop his poop.  We live in the country for goodness sake!


4 thoughts on “Bear Update

  1. Good to see Bear looking better. I am sure he has been through a lot in the last week. Groomers , trip away with you , veterinarian, eye gone. Hoping he calms down soon.

    When we had to give our pups pills I used canned cat food. They ate it off the spoon so fast they never found the pills. NOW I need to break them from thinking they need a scoop of cat food when I feed the kitties. LOL such babies.


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