The Year and My Renovation is Almost Over

So the finisher said he would be back today at 6:00 maybe earlier and I assumed he meant in the morning. I got up at 5:30 this morning and by 6:50 was wondering what the hell. So I texted the drywall guy to ask him if his finisher was

still coming. No response. I didn’t want to call his home at that time of the morning on a Sunday so I waited. He responded back at 3 to tell me the finisher would be here tonight at 6. A wasted day but no complaints because I am still on schedule and it is a holiday weekend so I said thank you and carried on.  I went outside to assess the damage to my yard.




Yeah it looks pretty ugly.  He promised me last night they wouldfix it. I am not sweating it as long as my job gets finished.
I have no access to any of my clothes beyond what is in my suitcase, as everything is packed up in the living room and office.  The only clean and neat rooms right now is my kitchen and bathroom. I can’t even find my brush LOL so you can only imagine what my hair looks like. A birds nest in case you can’t imagine.  I am praying that this job moves along on schedule.  The good part about not paying people until they finish is that they won’t leave me hanging for long!
Last update for the night:
They came, they mudded and tomorrow they sand!!

4 thoughts on “The Year and My Renovation is Almost Over

  1. Woo hoo . So glad they made it today. Will not be long now to decoration. Can hardly wait for this part with all the great goodies you have been discussing. Sorry about your lawn.


    • I am caulking the edges by the windows and getting ready to put the base trim down then I have to prime and paint and put up my mirror….. Wellllllll I am so impatient I already started working on one of my projects which I am calling my good morning wall. I am writing the post and it will be posted when I finish. I also figured out a VERY inexpensive way to drape the ceiling. Yes even though I have a beautifully smooth ceiling I still want to drape it. I am glad I had all this time to think about it. i could not sleep last night cause I was so excited to get started. What a way to start the new year.


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