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Chandelier (Part three of three)

Part one of this story  shows the plan and all the supplies needed for this project.  You can read it here.

Part two has instructions on how to make the beaded strands for the chandelierYou can read it here

Now to part three the last part in how to make a drum shade chandelier with crystals.  The lampshade I purchased has a pattern on it and it does not really match my living room so I decided I would cover it.  I got the darkest print so that the pattern will show through the fabric when the light is on.  Neat right?  Some people are buying shades with the design on the inside and you can see it when the light is off but my pattern will only be seen when the light is on and people will wonder how I did that!  Jaya magic LOL

fabric     lampshade

So I never made a lampshade cover before and all I know is I don’t want to screw this up.  I looked on the Internet and got a lot of different directions and I suggest you look at all the different methods and then choose for yourself.  The hardest part is making the pattern.  The rest is gravy.  I wound up getting some wrapping paper out, cut it about 7″ wider than the shade.  I had to cut two pieces and tape them up together.


I then taped it to the shade.  I was supposed to be buying a drum shade but my shade is slightly wider on the bottom.  For this reason I taped the end of the wrapping paper diagonally on the shade then wrapped the paper around the shade.  When I got to the end I folded it back and taped it to the paper.  I then drew a line for my pattern cut.

IMG_20130323_203451  IMG_20130323_204011

Inside I drew a line about an inch above the shade top and bottom.


Alrighty then.  Now I cut out my pattern


One thing to remember is that the ends butted together so when I cut the fabric I have to add about 1/2 on each side.

I forgot to mention the fabric that I purchased is stretch taffeta.  It has a slight stretch to it.  I was worried about that but then when I started working with it I realized that it is basically a great help for the fabric to stretch a bit.

I laid the fabric out on the floor and put the pattern on top, then I used some tape on the edges to hold it down.  I then cut it out.  NOTE: sharp scissors make this so much easier.  My first pair of scissors were not that sharp so I dug in my craft drawer and found a new pair.  That did the trick.


I steamed ironed the fabric to get the creases out then sprayed the back with spray adhesive.  I was doing this on my carpet so I put a super large piece of wrapping paper on the floor under the fabric.  I sprayed it really well and did not get a drop on the carpet.  YES.  I started applying the fabric at the seam of the shade and worked my way around smoothing, stretching and making sure that I have the extra fabric extending above the edge.  WORD TO THE WISE:  Be careful when moving the fabric or it will stick to itself and ohhh what a mess that makes.  Don’t ask me how I know this.  So anyway, when I got to the end I folded the edge under and used my glue gun to press it down.  I then folded the edges over the top and bottom and used the glue gun to tack it down inside the edge.  As you see from the photo some of the folded over edge needs to be trimmed.  I think this is going to be pretty when the light is on and you can see the pattern under it.


In looking at the shade I felt I should have some trim on it so I dug in my drawer and found some rope trim.  I have the rope trim on one of my tapestries on the wall and the trim I dug out is what was left over.  I used the glue gun to glue the trim on.  NOTE:  the glue was put on the inside and then I pressed the trim tape into it.  I butted the ends together and glued them really well so that the trim won’t fray.


Now its time to add the crystals.  I wish my lampshade had at least 5 spiders pieces on the top but it only had three, which I think is normal.  I decided to get a hanger, cut it, bent it and hot glued it to the top.  Then I used the eye pins and wrapped the crystal strands around the whatchamacallits.  I have no idea what they are called, spider arms or whatever.


Now on to the ceiling and mounting this puppy.



Well it’s different that’s for sure.  LOL I think it is still missing something at the top but for now this is how it will be…another unfinished finished project.

I haven’t seen anyone else with instructions on how to do this out there yet so I think I did good considering…

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