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House Painting Update

Okay so the guys showed up today to work on the house…
 photo IMAG0061_zps30ee80ed.jpg   photo IMAG0062_zpsc97c0973.jpg photo Driveway18-04-2013_065546863_zps99f48ea9.png

And this is how it is looking now… well kindda sortta.  It looks way lighter in the photos for some reason.  Maybe because it was getting to be dusk…not sure

The front of my house looks so funny with everything cut down so low.  I had to do that so they could paint in peace…it will grow back…I hope

 photo IMAG0060_zps704b982e.jpg

One of the goals of painting the house was to make the spot where I took the window out to disappear without having to reside the house.  I am almost there!!

 photo IMAG0066_zps1951b5f2.jpg

I am thinking the red brick at the rear of the house needs to be painted as well. What do you think??
okay…never mind…don’t answer that.  The painters already got on me about it.  (the nerve…LOL).

 photo IMAG0067_zpsd5addb5e.jpg
I was cleaning out my tool drawer and there was a nest was in there. Not seeing the eggs the guy took it out and just like a guy he laughed at me for being nervous for touching a nest and threw it to the ground. The eggs were so small we did not see them. I found them later with one being broken and the rest intact. My neighbor Louise would have smashed them. I forgot her reasoning why but she always destroyed the nests she found. Ahhhhh, I won’t be doing that….but I will be showing my grandsons when they come next weekend!
 photo IMAG0064_zps8cd38dda.jpg

As for the windows I searched, researched, and searched till my eyeballs turned purple last night. I found out that Lowe’s sells Single-Glazed Basement Aluminum windows …just what I am looking for… for about $15 a piece.
 photo 656073000470lg_zps6343d2f2.jpg
I got frustrated going through the sizes trying to find what I wanted so I am going to have to go to the store to get a price. bummer… but if it works out you can’t really lose paying $15 for a new window right?

Next stop was Craigslist. I found some listings for old windows. One person was asking $40 per window for some tore up from the floor up windows. Yeah I imagine he is still holding on to them because the going price is usually $5 a piece…at least in my world it is. Yeah I would say I am just cheap like that but noooooooo… I am just poor like that.
SO I found these…
 photo 3G53Ld3Nb5Ne5L15F2d4fbe584ab66a791eb4_zpsb817a80d.jpg

 photo 3Ec3Kb3Mc5Eb5Fa5Hfd45f4e2db694d201c79_zps5f3b96f4.jpg

 photo 3K43I93M65G25Fb5Jed3vd45c91170677196e_zpsdbb78ea6.jpg
I wrote to each person and even though I got responses no one has confirmed that they have what I need. they are all kind of far from me and in different directions so its not going to be easy to do this if they don’t help by looking to see if they have what I need.
My windows are such odd sized…22.5″w x 26″ for the itty bitty windows in the front. If I find storms for them great…if not oh well
20.5″w x 47.5″ for the windows that I HAVE to fix. Storms on these windows is not an option.
22″ x 52″ if I change out the bedroom windows (optional)
and the one bathroom window is 20.5″ x 40.25″ (optional)

Sooooo wish me luck…luck that I find my windows….luck that I find them for $5 a piece and luck that I can get them home without messing up the leather in my new car!!
 photo RemodelingDog_zpsb11a7721.jpg

2 thoughts on “House Painting Update

  1. Looks good in pink. Your house looks so much larger. One house we had needed storm windows and it was a very old house. To give you hope Joe easily found the correct sized windows. What he bought was single glazed windows and just installed them backwards on the house so in the summer we opened them from the outside and left them open. Then just opened and closed the inside windows as needed. Weird but it worked.


    • I was talking to the painter yesterday and I am thinking of buying some glass and him making wood frames on top of the glass and calling it a day. It may make the house look more modern though


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