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Khalia’s Baby Doll Chair

My grand daughter, who is four years old and such a chatter box, informed me that all she wants for Christmas is a baby doll, and all doll stuff in the most dramatic way possible.  I asked my duaghter what she got her and she said everything but the doll and the stroller.  Cool.

In the meantime, on my last thrifting trip to TROSA I happened upon this cute little high chair that was in sad shape…but the price was right.

IMG_0607  Capture2 Capture

It was my intention to one day fix it and keep it in the house for when any little girl comes over but when I mentioned it to my daughter she said she forgot to get a high chair.  Two days before Christmas she tells me this. Here I am sick as a dog but Grandmothers love kicked in and I went to work.

I used wood glue to glue in all the pieces in their respective holes and reinforced the ones that were not loose.  I also glued and clamped  the seat together.


I let the glue dry under a fan on high for about 5 hours then I lightly sanded it.  I used Valspar “Coral Sand” to paint it.  I chose this color because it is feminine but not over the top.  I like it a lot.  I painted three coats on it.  I really should have primed it first because this wood was so thirsty but I did not have time for all that.

I did not have time to decorate it or fix that glue drip I did not notice until I took the photo because Khalia came over Christmas eve and I had to hide it.

IMG_0614 IMG_0613

She loved it!!

Total cost:

High Chair…………………2.99
paint………………………….2.99 (only used about 50 cent worth)
total…………………………..5.98 ($3.49)

God I love thrifting.

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