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The Problem with being bored and feeling artsy is you do stuff like this

I am supposed to be working on my bedroom right?

Well every time I pass these extra sample bottles I purchased (and are now just siting in my laundry room), I hear this pleading ” Find some place for me to be loved pleeeeease”.  I felt sorry for them so I buckled in and decided to pair it up with my cabinets to see if I can make a love match.

How did I choose the cabinet today?  Well this morning I decided to clean off the top of my fridge, which was disgusting by the way,  and one thing led to another and the next thing I know I was doing something that was way long over due.  I was repairing and painting my kitchen cabinet.  I said cabinet in singular on purpose.  I  have one upper corner cabinet and one upper “over the fridge useless thing that I have no idea what is in there” cabinet.  It does not count so that leaves only ONE.  The one I am working on.

I emptied it out and assessed the condition.  I should have taken a before photo with the stuff in it so you could see just how inefficient it was but I was having camera problems.  Yeah…that’s the ticket, I didn’t forget, it was the camera who messed that up.


The shelf in it was too small because when I purchased it they forgot to give me the shelf and then the guy gave me a shelf but it was a bit smaller than it should have been and when I went back he said he would have to order it but he gave me such a good price I just lived with it, knowing I would fix it someday.  Today is that day…2 years later.

I caulked everything.

Before and after caulking

IMAG0507 IMAG0508

I took the shelf to Toes,  I mean Lowe’s, and found a piece of  2×2 oak.  I was tempted to buy another piece of chip board because it was half the price but I already knew I would not be happy with a sagging shelf that can’t ever get wet without falling apart, so I went with the oak.  I borrowed their  T-square  ruler while I was in the store, used the old shelf as a template but now marking it the right size, then headed back to the cottage to cut and install.

When I came home I saw this…the mess this project created…and that’s why it has taken me so long to get to this project.  I hate to see messes like this.  Which I can’t seem to get away from.

IMAG0512[1] IMAG0511[1]

All this stuff came out of that one cabinet.  I plan on donating all those mis-match dishes to TROSA  and hopefully when I am finished today I will have an organization solution figured out.  Well everything did not come out of the cabinet, like the plaster of Paris was on my counter and the…never mind….I was getting ready to go on a tangent.

I cut my shelf and installed it, then primed the inside with my beloved blue gray primer.


While I waited for the primer to dry I ate my supper.  I used my rice cooker to make some rice while I steamed my veggies.  Have I mentioned I love my rice cooker/steamer?  I eat rice with every meal now.  Rice with a tsp of freeze dried chives and a dash of butter cooked in…yummm. No gravy needed.


While I was eating I thought why do I only have one shelf in that cabinet when two would clearly be more efficient?  So I whipped out the old one from the trash and prepared it to go back in.  So now here I go digging for those shelf thingys that hold up the shelves, which I never found, so I rigged it up with something else.  Which makes me think about my friend …last name Rigsby.  I wonder if that is how his fore-fathers got that name…by rigging stuff up?  And was it a name of honor or shame?  While I waited for the paint to dry  I asked Google… was Risby someone who rigged things up?  and he didn’t know so he just rambled on about other uselss information.  That’s what brainiacs do when they don’t know the answer to something.  Anywho…when I say rigged I mean I simply used L shape brackets then painted over them so you can’t see then without looking close up.

I painted the shelves Valspars Purple Fury, and it was so dark in the cabinet I had to use a flash light to make sure I caught all the spots.  I always wonder how different the color in the bottle looks compared to the real thing.  Here it is side by side.  Very close but when you look in the cabinet it looks way way darker.  It is not completely dry.


I decided to paint the inside of the door Valspar’s Rapture, which, by  the way, is also the name of my favorite Victoria Secret perfume.  It has pheromones in it and it surly makes men’s heads turn when they get a whiff.  Really!!  Anyway the Rapture looked too plain to me, and I am in my Bohemian electic kindda mood, so I stenciled it



I used the antique burgundy for the lips



but it still looked too plain so I added some bling, my style.  That is blue (ish) rhinestones and I put some gold highlights on the lips and the lettering.  You can’t see it in the photos though.  I was going to line the shelf edges with rhinestones but I did not have any small enough.


I was finished.


A happy marriage with

  • Something old…the cabinet
  • Something new…the new shelf
  • Something borrowed…..the quote
  • Something blue….the rhinestone.

Let’s see how long this union lasts….


The outside of the cabinet is a conservative Cream in my Coffee and the inside Purple Fury and Rapture.

Would you dare to do anything like this?

7 thoughts on “The Problem with being bored and feeling artsy is you do stuff like this

  1. I’m not so hot in actually getting around to practical projects for myself! I’ve a driftwood shelf to go up in our lounge, a roman blind to make for the kitchen, a huge cupboard in the bedroom I need shelved for my craft stuff… or I might make it an office, which is why I haven’t started ANYTHING yet lol! Good on you for getting around to it after (just) 2 years! x

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