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I subscribe to quite a few blogs and someone out there has a shop where they sell stencils she (the blogger) designs  based on designs from India. And I think she sells fabric on spoonflower.  Problem is now that I want to buy a stencil …I can’t find it.  I thought I bookmarked it but apparantly not.  In searching for the blog I did however learn that quite a few blogs that I follow have shops.

Here is an open invitation to all my regular readers….  You can comment with a link to your shop with a little description of what you generally sell.  Looking for links to legitimate shops that sell hand made merchandise or personally designed items only please.  I look forward to seeing what gets posted and hopefully… ultimately…. I hope to get the link I was looking for…. plus some pleasant surprises!!


PS If the comment does not show up then the spam blocker stopped it.  You will have to post it like acitygirlscountrydream(dot)wordpress(dot)com 

2 thoughts on “Link to your shop …

  1. Hope you find the right shop hun – Though have a look on ebay as they have some on there (or ebay uk do).

    As you know I sell bits of furniture but am about to launch a small range of mouldings for furniture (once I get through product testing lol) x


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