Where is the sense of privacy?

I feel like there is no sense of privacy these days.  I created a facebook page and my blog using a professional fake name.  I have not linked it in anyway to my real name or email.  But what I did make the mistake of doing is adding WordPress and the Gmail account associated with it on my phone.  That act in itself took all sense of privacy away.

I was on my real Facebook page and it asked me…do you know this person?  and bam there was my face and my Country Dreams webpage.  Not only that but it suggested friends who were people I met online that I certainly did not give out my real name to nor even my real phone number and people on my job that I would have NEVER invited to my blog…people are nosey enough!!  But I used a Google number that I linked on my phone.  I asked all services not to sync up with my phone in my contacts but I go to contacts and there is an option to see contacts on each service.  I go to Linkedin and there are people I correspond with online only suggesting them as friends…which I can only assume means that they are getting my info as well.  Great.  So now they not only know my online life that I was so free to share, thinking no one will know its me but they know my name, what my house looks like, inside and out and where I work and God only knows what else.

What else is being tracked? Well my every move for one..Try going here if you have google on your phone.  Log in with the Google account on your phone.  It showed me old information of the 69 of the most visited places.  I logged into an account that I took off my phone so it had not tracked anything since last year but the map showed that I was in Florida a few days ago, in SC last week, in the mountains a few weeks ago…  WTH??


When I logged into my account I have on my phone it showed all the places I been to: home, work, eateries, entertainment etc.  If you are the snooping typing I guess you appreciate this tid bit of info if you know your loved ones gmail password.  I used to be a super snoop but not anymore.  I think all the invasion of privacy has taught me what it feels like and I refuse to snoop now.  Sad way to learn a lesson.

Anyway,  I am a VERY spiritual person on a path.  I have not done much in my house lately so I guess my posts will take a turn.  If you really want to learn about me…its coming.

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