Projects that did not work out


How, why, wtf is happening in the universe??  Are my stars off or something??

Yesterday I  was pissed  at Home Depot for not giving me my vet discount.  I left the store mad and didn’t put the cart away like a good shopper should and when I got in my car I whipped it out the parking space without looking and Bang…hit the cart with my car…

car dent

My renovation was supposed to start today but the guy said that it is too wet and he can not possibly start until it dries up.  Next week it is supposed to get freezing cold so I guess my renovation won’t start until the spring.

About 8:30  I woke to the sound of a truck in my driveway, and back up lights beeping. What the hell??  First thing I thought of is a tow truck  and repossession.   Why would I even think that??   Not because I am behind in my payments…no…it’s because I watch reality shows like Operation Repo. They make you paranoid like that.

I looked out the side window …


No idea who that is so I look out the front window.


Still no clue.  They couldn’t ring the bell because I have no doorbell on the front or back door.  Strange I know…Don’t judge me.  I took it off the front door because of early morning Jehovah Witnesses.  The one on the back door fell off and if you don’t know to ring the bell laying on the table next to the door welllllllll…if you don’t call before you come I will never know you were here.  I am eccentric… what can I say??

I combed my hair and threw a coat over my pj’s to investigate.  It’s the gas company changing my gas line and meter.

I already told you about the leak under my sink.  Twice I took this blankety blank apart and now instead of it leaking , the water is pouring out.  Ugggh.  I think I am missing a washer.  I am taking the whole thing to Home Depot tomorrow and replacing every bit of it.

In between messing around with the plumbing  I was working on my cabinets.  I kept thinking something was strange about this paint.  I started out with Behr PURE WHITE but ran out of paint.  I purchased more in Homedepot but I saved a couple of dollars by going with Glidden instead. I got two gallons of eggshell and one of semigloss.  I wasn’t sure about this paint and I thought maybe the quality was bad but after painting damn near all the cabinets with it I look on the can only to discover that I had used the eggshell  paint instead of the semi-gloss.   Disgusted I decided to clean up and call it a night.  I go in the bathroom to wash out my brush and pan and when I turn around I see I had paint on my foot and inadvertently tracked paint all the way from the kitchen to the bathroom ARRRGH!!!  Then I think about the paint and look closely at the wall.  One section is painted with eggshell.  Are you freaking kidding me?  It is the section with the bakers rack.  I have already put that part back together.  Oh hell no, I am not taking all that stuff down again.   Wait.  Is it going to peel off because of the different finishes??

This is one of those times when you want to go out in the front yard and yell the F word on the top of your lungs!!  But its dark and I live in the country where there are no street lights at night and the big bad wolf might get me.

I am going to bed!!

Tomorrow is a new day!!

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