Bathroom / between the studs shelf / renovations

Still Going Slow

This morning I woke up at 7 AM but then I decided  to sleep in because my legs are freaking sore from lifting those sub floors and siding panels yesterday. I could barely make it to the bathroom this morning. My hands are all cut up, swollen and hurting as well. I took two Advil and laid down while I waited for them to kick in. That’s when I decided to just relax and get some rest so I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until about 1. Then I laid in bed until I remembered I had to go find my roof shingles and work on picking out some paint so I reluctantly got up, showered and went to run my errands.

When I got back I started working on that damn shelf in the bathroom. I am super sick of that thing and I just want that project OVER. I put the face trim on it and primed it.


Notice the top two to shelves are not as tall as the rest. That’s because they are for vitamins and meds. I measured each shelf to fit specific things.  I can’t wait to paint it get the doors on it and fill it up!!
While I put the fan on it for the paint and glue to dry I decided to just clean up and put stuff away. THE PLACE IS SHAPING UP!!
I also picked out the next color for my house. This looks so crisp and clean!!  And white trim!!  Love it!!


The contractor is going to paint the additions only and I have to paint the rest of the house but that won’t happen until spring. I am hoping I can get the asbestos siding off the house and replace the rest of the siding by spring and also replace the last 4 windows left of the original.
Again wishful thinking.
Tonight I will clean up a bit more then call it a night. I feel like I am wore out…

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