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I’m busy!

Hey all,

I kept my promise not to screw around yesterday and I got a lot accomplished.  I kept moving from project to project because of not having everything I need though but I can proudly say  I DID NOT go to Lowes!  I so proud of me.  I almost went to the dollar store saying to myself that the dollar store didn’t count BUT I did not go…

OK so here are some thoughts:

  1. I am pissed off at WordPress.  I had a free page and you would think that when you pay for your domain name and hosting it would still work the same right?  Nooooooo.  I just figured out how to get an email subscription button on my page (I had to download a plugin!!) I also do not like the way my template is working so I might change it.  I hope that doesn’t throw u off when you come here and see something totally different.  LOL.  I am looking for a set up that looks like a diary.  I just noticed this one is not working right.  I will play with it later
  2. I now have a subscription button on the right if you want to subscribe to my blog
  3. If your website is not listed on my blog on the right feel free to add it where it says “Visitor Blogroll”…If I don’t want it I will remove it (spammers, sex freaks, Viagra stores, foreign countries giving away inheritances etc).
  4. I have a couple of projects I am working on so as I go along I will be adding photos.  I will fill in the words later tonight. I have to get busy for now though…LOL

I bet you can’t even imagine how these pieces are going together…

Someone posted a photo on gardenweb and I loved the lighting so I am using it as my inspiration.  I searched high and low for all the pieces to make 3 lamps but I found this one fixture that I am going to use.  I found the vases at a yard sale and the light fixture came from habitat.  I am going to mount the base on the ceiling and have the wires coming out like they are in the photo to a hook and then drop the lights over the sink (one in the middle and one on each side).  I have my heart set on this coming out right but we will see.

why is it I can not find the frigging glazing stuff anywhere?  Anyway windows are all sanded down and ready to be reglazed and painted…then they will be doors for my between the studs shelves.  I wonder if I should fill in the holes where the ropes went or if I should leave them for “character”?  I decided to leave them.  I am going to partially fill them so they are not so deep but leave it so you can see it was once there.  (Thanks Chris)

These masks aren’t worth crap… and why didn’t I tie up my hair?  Now I have to wash it and its gonna take foreva to dry!!  The dog usually is under my feet in whatever I do…I started sanding and he got outta dodge!  LOL  It was funny.


I am all pumped up.  the sanding of the drywall is now officially finished.  I never painted drywall with paint and primer in one, i usually go the long route…primer first then paint.  We will see how this works out…

Found the glazing…YES!!! Windows will be glazed tonight and ready for paint tomorrow.

BTW there is dust all over the house now  Oh my God how am I gonna get this stuff cleaned up??

I swept the floor and I promise you I had at least 32 oz of dust! Anyway I been working non stop and yet when I look around it doesn’t look like much progress was made at all!  I have one more fix to do on the mud…gonna use the 45 min stuff, then its time to get some paint and trim up…




2 thoughts on “I’m busy!

  1. I left the openings on the window I used on my small gun cabinet as a door. I just painted then carefully. But they are not as large or deep as the sash weight pockets would be.

    Good job staying home and using what you had on hand.


  2. Well, I thought I was following your blog… but you’ve done a bunch of posts since the last one I saw, and none showed up in my reader…I started to think that was strange since you seem really good at updating. I do prefer the email alerts anyway so I signed up for them. Are you self-hosting? Or is your account via wordpress?

    Sheetrock/Spackle dust is my #1 enemy. No lie.


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