Peacock Feathers

I have this idea of wanting a big peacock with the feathers laying down behind it. something like this…

I don’t know why except I always loved them.  I went on ebay and soon as I typed in peacock in the home department an auction that was ending in 2 minutes popped up.  It was a lot of 50 loose feathers with free shipping.  The bid was at $17 so I put in my max bid of $20.  As soon as I hit send I thought to myself what in the holy heck am I going to use these things for. I had a case of instant regret, plus I don’t need to be wasting my money on crap like that.  I have to get this house finished and get some furniture up in here.  Well the auction was ending in 2 minutes so it didn’t take long to find out I had been outbid by 50 cents.  LOL.  Whew!

3 thoughts on “Peacock Feathers

  1. LOL I made many peacock feather fans and sold them at craft shows. The thing that gets me about feathers is eventually the bugs eat them. They are Gorgeous. The colors in them are some of my favorite.

    We had a visitor for coffee this morning. She is the local pet. Missing her humans that are away right now.

    9-8-12-Town-Pet  We had company this morning. I am not zoomed in on her. She is the local town pet. No school buss for her to greet today so she is looking for some one to pet her.


    • That would be discouraging. I am not sure why I am all into this protection from the evil eye thing lately. The eye of the peacock feather is supposed to protect you from it as well. LOL

      Local pet or pest? I HATE deer. they destroy my garden.


  2. LOL she slept in our garden the other night. Made a big nest in the squash. Not a big deal. We are over the squash and there is still lots left for us. she has not been too much of a bother for us.


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