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Day of drywall

Good Morning!

6:11 AM

On my way to Lowe’s to buy two access panels.  Today’s goal is drywall.  I am not sure if I have enough, in fact I am almost sure I don’t and of course you know I have no truck to transport so I might have to perform some magic. In putting up  the drywall I have to add 4 access panels (yes I said 4…smh),   close up a junction box, add a junction box, and repair the ceiling.  After hanging the drywall I will mud it up and after mudding I will let dry, sand and then paint it.  I have ALL day to do this so it should not be a problem to finish this today right?  Yeah okay…we will see…

Oh and BTW I forced myself to not do any work yesterday.  I needed the rest!

1:41  I will be lucky if I get all the drywall hung!  One thing I have learned is that I am not good at fractions at all…either that or I just can’t cut a straight line.  LOL  I don’t even have a wall finished yet but I am getting close!

4:44 PM

I am still working on that same frick-fracking wall!  I went down in the basement for something, (I can’t even remember what it was now) and I noticed the basement was really cold.  How could that be?  I walk over to the whatchamacallit (I have no idea what it’s called) and all I feel is MY COLD AIR blowing out in the basement through the seams.  Well I guess now it makes sense why the house wasn’t getting cold.  Again the results of hiring some jack leg to do my work with no permits.  How much money do I have to waste and how much frustration do I have to suffer to realize I can’t win like this?  While I was frantically taping up the duct trying to contain my cold air, with pink duct tape mind you, I concluded that one of these things MUST happen:

  1. I must make more money so I can hire PROFESSIONALS or
  2. I must get a husband that is as handy as a PROFESSIONAL or
  3. I must get a husband that can hire PROFESSIONALS
  4. Or I must get a husband that will let me stay home (while he works) and I work on the house myself, hiring PROFESSIONALS when and if needed…LOL
  5. Or ideally a combo of 2,3,  and 4 🙂

There are no other viable options if I don’t want to live in a jacked up house forever.  I have to take a break now cause I worked myself like an Egyptian slave in this hot-house today and I am hungry as heck!.  I been working on this one wall and I have not even gotten to the point of being able to put the mud on it.  OMG.  I guess there will be no sanding going on tonight!! I am getting frustrated with this kitchen!!

NOTE:  I been typing for 19 minutes and in that time there is a considerable difference in the air temp in here.  I wonder how much cold air leaked in my basement.  I bet its full of snakes down there chilling in my cool air.  THE NERVE!!

9:45 PM…I had to make another trip to Lowes. On my first trip earlier today I returned $60 worth of stuff then I brought a few things.  Some of the returns went on my debit card, some was returned in cash.  I spent every penny of the cash.  On my second trip I took some more stuff back…things that I didn’t need and then I commenced to buy some 45 minute sheetrock mud, a sheet of sheet rock that  just so happened to have been damaged and which they sold to me for half the original price.  I cut what I needed so it would fit in the car. I had to eat my dinner in the car while I was talking to my sister on the phone.  I came back in and worked on one more piece.  I am going to go in the kitchen and clean up for the night. I see a lot of things I can put away now…from the tile job and the electricity.  whoooo whoooo. That makes life in the kitchen a little neater.  I think I am also going to bring the bucket in the house and throw each and every tool in it so I don’t spin my wheels tomorrow looking for tools.

The house is much cooler.  I just went down into the basement and it is much warmer now!  I wonder how long that air has been leaking?  I guess it pays to go into the dungeon once in a while.  😦


I just finished putting away electrical supplies, cement supplies and tile supplies.  I moved one of the cabinets over to where it is supposed to go and it is not going to fit like I thought.  I was thinking I wanted the sink to be offset to the right and it shouldn’t be a problem because I could use elbows in the drain pipe and the water pipes are flexible BUT what I did not consider is the fact that the sink base is 33″ which is the minimum size for the sink so the sink has to be centered in that cabinet.  I have to look at my plan again because it is not making sense to me now and I know Randy (from the store) considered this.  I am getting all confused.  I should have never peeked so to speak!!

I am beat… taking a shower and calling it a night…



11 thoughts on “Day of drywall

  1. Are you using hot mud for your drywall compound? If you’re impatient like me it really speeds up the process. I usually use it for taping and 1st coat – then regular drywall mud for the finals. You go girl!


  2. It is AWESOME that your whachamacallit is now hot pink. The rest of it stinks, but that part is fantastic.

    It’s amazing that you’re doing this yourself. Really. I KNOW how much work sheetrocking is. Let alone spackle and the rest of it.


  3. Wow! I bet you were beat after all of that. And the fact that you are doing it all by yourself! Good for you. I agree with Victoria, I like the hot pink tape, LOL!
    Don’t get frustrated, just breath. As you know everything that turns out great takes hard work, a lot of effort and motivation, and you definitely have all of the above from what I have read!!!

    Good luck to you and get some rest!!!


    • I used the pink tape being factitious so that every time I looked at it I would remember. Now I am actually liking it myself LOL. I have had to go down in the basement a few times today and it really started growing on me. I brought the pink tape in the first place because a tyvek bag I got for free from bath and body works ripped and I used the tape to fix it. The pink matched the design on the bag, I used the whole roll on the whatchamacallit so today I brought another roll. This time purple. LOLOLOL. I can’t afford to get any rest. I have to get the bulk of the kitchen done by Sunday or I start fining myself $20 a day!!


  4. I LOVE the pink duct tape. I had to laugh at your list of things that must happen. I have 2, 3 and 4, but we are paying some things off before we go whole hog on the house. He’s handy but too swamped with his software development to have time so he’d rather hire people. And there are some things I want to hire people for but some things I want to do myself. But it would be great if he could help me – and he can’t. Before he was all gung ho but he’s just too busy and his thing is, if he can make more money in an hour than he’s being charged for work, he’d rather pay someone else to do it. Which makes sense but I just sort of want to get my hands dirty! LOL My next task is retiling the fireplace which is not easy but is a job that, if I screw it up, will only look bad but not affect the functionality. LOL I’m almost afraid to tackle stuff like cabinets and things that need precise measuring because I am SO BAD at that kind of thing. LOL Can’t wait to go through more of your posts. You have my complete respect!


    • All my friends are either single or they also have 2,3,4… no in between. I don’t understand it. LOL
      Well in your case, you have something to look forward to…in my case it will be my luck not to meet Mr Right till its all done and over with.
      Thanks for reading!! I love your blog as well.


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