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Paint can set the tone for your day…

I was losing hair thinking about that horrid Army looking color combo colors in my kitchen.  I couldn’t imagine living with that.  I am Navy not Army after all.  I kept telling myself “oh it’s not really camouflage…besides the only time you will go in the kitchen is to pass thru it”   But all this hard work to not like the results seems kind of self sacrificial to me.  I tossed and turned last night thinking about this because it’s now or never.  If I paint later I am bound to mess up some stuff.  One thing I am celebrating since I turned 50 is if there is something I do not like, something that makes me feel uneasy, and/or makes me question my decision…I do not have to put up or live with it I can scrap it and move on to something else.   So if I don’t like the paint, repaint and have a nice day.  It’s a beautiful thing y’all!!

This morning when I got to work I was immediately annoyed by this salvaged white board someone (the boss) put in my office because there was nowhere else to put it.  What could I say?  Not a darn thing.  It’s a monstrosity and its been in my office for well over a year now and every morning I was fussing about it…but only in my head.  The thing is 7′ wide!!  This morning I couldn’t take it any longer and fussed about it out loud and bam a co-worker and I found a place to tuck it out-of-the-way.  Wow, it was that easy?  Then someone came in with a problem and it got solved.  So I started this day off feeling like there was nothing that couldn’t be solved.  I was still thinking about my paint and I knew the answer would come to me some how.

Later on  I was in the attorney’s office preparing for a case I have to testify in  and while she was talking all I was hearing was whomp whomp whomp and every once in a while I interjected the conversation with something intelligible but my mind was really on the new color they painted the walls.  It was beautiful and I was mesmerized.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I asked the attorney about the color.  She said it was Sherwin Williams “Blonde” and she said she had it in three of her rooms at home also. Ohhhh this is more like the color I was wanting.  A bright but soft and warm yellow.  Now that I think about it…I have no idea how those other colors got in my cart at Lowes and subsequently on my walls but they have to go.  I did see where I wrote in my blog that I liked the colors so it must have been me who purchased them.  I think this is one of those instances where I have to question if I have multiple personalities or not cause I don’t see how I even thought that color scheme would fly.

Moving forward, my dilemma is now do I change my whole color scheme or do I just change one color or do I scrap everything and start over?  I went online to have a look at that color and see if it was the same so I could get Lowes to color match it.  I looked at it and noooo it did not look the same on the computer at all.  Let down… Then somehow I wound up on Valspar’s website and I saw the solution to the problem!!


At Valspar, we believe the right color is powerful. So if you don’t love the color you buy, buy a new color of Valspar Signature Colors paint at Lowe’s. Don’t return the color you did not like to the store. Be sure to keep receipts for both colors.Take a photo of your wall showing both colors then complete and print your rebate request form to apply for a rebate on the purchase price of the original color.  Send in the completed rebate request form, photo, and original receipts.

Now when I read this I had tunnel vision so this is what my mind processed:

At Valspar, we believe the right color is powerful. If you don’t love the color you bought pick  a new one and we will reimburse you.  You don’t have to fight with Lowe’s to convert your paint to “oops paint”… just send  us the receipt for the old and the new cans and we’ll send you a check.  It’s that easy!  .

And it wasn’t until I put the first coat on the wall and waiting for it to dry and working on my post and copying and pasting from Valspar’s website that I noticed it said YOU HAVE TO TAKE A PHOTO SHOWING BOTH COLORS IN ONE PHOTO.  THE OLD AND THE NEW…LIKE THIS:

What???  Are you frigging kidding me?  You wait until I put the coat of paint on the wall and then you tell me the rules?  Oh wait, that’s my bad isn’t it?  Dang…Do  you think they will take this photo?  It shows both colors…

I also just noticed that the paint has to be from the Signature line.  Daggoneit…the Signature line is the cheaper line but I HAD to get my color in the more expensive paint today. Back in the day you could take any color and color match it and have it mixed in any line of paint they carry.  Not anymore buddy.  Now you can only get certain colors in each line of paint and for the color I picked today I could not have it mixed in the cheaper paint, even though it is a Valspar color.  What kind of crap is that?  Anything to force you to buy things you might not want to buy, like more expensive paint.

I am not going to sweat it.  I will write Valspar and see if they will honor their bottom line promise…if you don’t love the paint they will let you get another can on them.  And if they don’t I  will travel the extra mile to Home Depot and buy Behr’s from now on.    I like to paint so it would behoove them to give me my refund. Here is some of the cans in my basement and there are just as many in the barn. Notice the brands?  All these cans of paint were used in my one bedroom house.

Also the paint I got today is the  paint that has primer in it.  As I explained before I always prime first but I tried this paint to see how it works out.  Having to only paint once is fantastic but it has never happened.  Also I find that when you prime first your colors come out richer.  Don’t fall in the trap of buying the same color primer as your paint either…that does NOT work.  If you are painting a light color prime with white or light gray, if you are painting a bright deep color (like red) prime with a medium grey.  It saves a lot of heartache and buyers remorse.  When I painted yesterday it went on with one coat.  I painted over it today and mmmm no, it has to get a second coat.  I have “holidays” everywhere.  I prefer two coats anyway…

This new color is called Butter Cookie.  It looks just like butter cookies.   I looove it. I am putting a photo here cause the pictures of the walls have all different shades showing.


I do have to say though that like glossy finishes, lighter colors tend to be less forgiving.  Dark and flatter finishes hide a lot of mistakes.  That and caulk.  LOL.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this dividing beam.

I think I am going to paint and treat it as if it were a column.  I have to get in my mind how I am going to trim it.  I guess I better crack open this trim book I have.  Or should I wait until I put the floors in?

For now I am going to bed and I should not be tossing and turning since I got the color I like.   I looove getting what I want!!

Here are more shots.



4 thoughts on “Paint can set the tone for your day…

  1. When you have time. LOL Yah right. Can you please step back and take a picture of the whole wall? Did you leave the bottom green? Love the soft yellow gold.Will that lovely valance you had in the old kitchen work again with your new color? Or have you totally moved away from that look?

    Do not ask me questions about beams and what to do. Snicker. I know what I would do with it.

    “One thing I am celebrating since I turned 50 is if there is something I do not like, something that makes me feel uneasy, and/or makes me question my decision…I do not have to put up or live with it I can scrap it and move on to something else. ”

    YES!!!!!! YES !!!!!! YES!!!!!! You got it and you will truly find it liberating. I am so happy I tore the country cutsie mosaic top of that desk I am going to put back in the kitchen. It is going back together nicely in tiles and glass bits. I am so pleased with the progress.

    I painted our kitchen a lovely light green because I loved that color. Then I started my tile back splash and the green was awful with it so I painted it all back the way it was to begin with. It is kitchen dinning room all one space 20+ foot by 12+ foot and I was totally ok with changing my mind.

    Hope you slept well.



    • I am adding the photos to the end of the post. No more green on the bottom, just one color. green will still be in my shelves. not sure where else if anywhere I will be using that green.

      I don’t think I can use the old valance because it has so much blue in it but I will check it out later….if I can find it. LOL. I do love that valance. I was looking at some of my accessories and they match my new colors perfectly. Yahhh!

      I am also thinking of doing a mosaic on my table top, inspired by you. But mine involves colored pebbles. I have this elaborate design in my head…I need to find bulk sales of pebbles.

      I love light green walls also but I have painted it on my walls before and it did not work for me either. Not sure why it looks so good in magazines and such but not on my walls.

      I slept okay. Finally going to the doctor today and hopefully no bad news. I go to a teaching hospital and it kind of sucks cause I have to go 50 times before they figure the problem out. I really need to find a real doctor.


  2. LOVE the new color walls. Hated the old colors but kept my mouth shut (for once). For what it’s worth, I do NOT like the green on the shelves. In the photos, they don’t seem to relate either to the backsplash or the yellow/gold walls. Also, the color looks quite harsh on my monitor. It looks like a burnt orange color is in your backsplash. What about that color in place of the green as transiition color? Or just using the color of your cabinets? At this time, the trim on the hood doesn’t seem to relate to anything–too much going on in such a small space.
    Could I ask you for one small favor? Please use “bought” rather than “brought” when referring to the past tense of “to buy.” Brought is the past tense of “to bring.”
    I really enjoy your blog and photos and am envious of your guts and remodel skills. You go girl!!!
    I’ll be praying for your medical issues–concerning. Doreen


    • Thank you. I added a color chip to the post because the colors in the photo are different shades and the color is one shade of butter cookie. There is no burnt orange anywhere. The color on the range hood looks out of place now because I did not do the cabinets yet. Cream in my Coffee” is going to be the color of all the cabinets also. The shelves are going to have doors on them and I think that is why you aren’t understanding the green yet. I may change that color but I wanted to see how it looks once I add the doors. Also the counter tops are pretty dark and I wanted something else to have a darker shade so it won’t look too harsh; besides, I hate to have wasted all that paint but honestly, I thought about changing the green to a brown because it might be a better contrast color. 1- it will contrast nicely with the wall paint and 2- Cream in my coffee is not white it is a very very light brown or a brownish white and a brown introduced somewhere may help the eye to identify that. Its a tough decision for me.

      LOL on bought vs brought. I will correct it. My grandmother used to correct me on that all the time…now that it has been brought to my attention publicly I will pay attention to it. LOL!!


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